In every group of smokers, there is bound to be a purist – someone who refuses to “get with the times” and doesn't want to try vaporizing. You know the guy, that stickler who won’t even try giving up their traditional consumption method and try using an herbal vape pen because he believes that it just isn’t the same.

While this may have been far more common a few years ago, with more and more people switching to vaporizing, the ranks of holdouts are falling. Portable vaporizer pens now provide you with high-quality sessions that offer a much better experience. This list will examine why you should switch to a vape pen from old-fashioned combustion.


Medical cannabis advocates have been running into this issue for years: inhaling a burnt plant is just not good for your lungs. With the advancements in vaporizer pens, the plant material does not get hot enough to burn, but just hot enough to release the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, while leaving out the harmful irritants that come with combustion. By not ingesting smoke, you’ll have a much cleaner experience, and your lungs will thank you as well!


While some glass pieces can be works of art, the majority are simple and to the point. The vape pens that are on the market today are sleek, stylish and extremely discreet. Some can even be confused for power banks and USB chargers. The vape and dab pens out now do not give off nearly as much odor, so you can medicate freely without worrying about the smoke smell lingering around you. This allows you to medicate without having to worry about everyone else around you knowing about it.

The Gadget Factor

Everyone has that one friend that always has to have the newest gadget with the latest technology, and vape pens are no different. You can pick and choose the newest and latest accessories to go with your new toy, and customize your vaping experience and make it your own. Whether you’re cutting edge and flashy or simple and functional, you can choose a vaporizer pen that’s right for you.


Vape pens are excellent for portability, whether you’re taking it to the golf course, with you on a hiking trip or enjoying as part of a day trip to the beach. Your portable vaporizer pen can go with you anywhere your heart desires. With a vaporizer pen you can pre-load with your favorite herb or concentrate, put it in your pocket, and you’re ready to go wherever you go!

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider switching from that old pipe to investing in a vaporizer pen. At Portable Hookahs, we can help you find the right vaporizer pen for you! Browse our selection of vaporizer pens or contact us with any questions