Once reserved for marijuana smokers, vaporizers have now entered the mainstream as an alternative to cigarettes. It certainly helps that marijuana has begun to be legalized in some states for both medical and personal use, but it’s the ever increasing ban on places where you can smoke cigarettes that has people ditching tobacco in favor of vaporizer pens and eLiquid. The numbers tell the true story, though, as vaporizer sales are expected to top $500 million by the time this year draws to a close.

As popular as portable vaporizers are becoming, there are still many people who are in the dark about how they work. It wasn’t so very long ago that dry herb vaporizers were primarily used by savvy marijuana smokers, but reports of the many health benefits that come from vaping have now seen many more people make the jump to commercially popular vape pens like the Snoop Dogg Vaporizer Pen. It’s a discreet way to get the job done, whilst also being a healthier alternative to puffing on a joint.

Vaporizers like the Magic Flight Launch Box are able to release the active ingredients found in marijuana and other dry herbs without also having you inhale some of the less than healthy ingredients. This is because the lower temperatures that vaporizers work at compared to cigarettes means that they produce an aromatic vapor as opposed to smoke. That also means that many of the harmful by-products and noxious gases that are released in smoke are not present when a vaporizer is used, making the inhalation of the vapor a whole lot healthier than smoke. Steering clear of combustion means that vaporizer users can get all the benefits of smoking without having to deal with the potentially harmful side effects.

The discretion that comes with using portable vaporizers like the Atmos Dry herb vaporizer is only one of the benefits. While some counties are trying to crack down, vape pens can be used in locations where cigarette smoking has now been banned. There is no odor in the vapor, which also means you don’t end up smelling like an ashtray. Your herbs will also generally last longer as they are not burned up through combustion. Perhaps the biggest reason for the move to vaporizers, though, is the flavor. Regular users often tell about the full flavor they get when vaping, as well as now being easily able to tell the difference between various strains of herb.

Desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers at the two main types available. Desktop units generally need to be plugged into an outlet in order to operate, making them more suited for home use. The portable variety can be used on the go and are able to vape waxy oils and eLiquids, as well as dry herbs. There are a wide variety of choices in each category, each with its own style and features that allow users to very much personalize their vaping experience, which is another huge selling point.