In the early days of the electronic cigarette, the options available to those looking to enter the world of vaping were very limited. That has changed dramatically as the laws limit where traditional cigarettes can be smoked. Those new rules have given rise to a new breed of vaporizer pens, many of which can now be used to smoke your choice of eLiquid, dry herbs (including medical marijuana), and even wax. The wax vaporizer pen may be the least popular of the lot at the moment, but that is something that is changing very quickly. The great news is that there are now all kinds of wax vaporizer kits to choose from, and all at price points and styles to suit just about everyone.

Setting up your own wax vape pen is something that can be done without a kit. This is actually something that many people are doing so that they can create a truly unique look to their pen. In order to get started, you will need to pick up a battery, which comes in all shapes and sizes, and a wax vaporizer attachment, such as a Seego glass globe, YoCan or Cannastick. The attachments can be as simple or as dramatic as you like, but since they contain the atomizer that heats up the wax, it worth spending a little money to invest in a good one. At the moment, the Atmos Jewel is one of the most popular wax vaporizer pens.

When purchasing both pieces separately, you need to make sure that they can in fact attach. The 510 attachment is the most common and will provide the largest selection of both batteries and glass globes. You can get your hands on a good glass globe for about $15 to $40, although you will have to change out the coil on the inside every couple of weeks. The sign that the change needs to be made will come in the form of a weird taste or burnt flavor when you vape. The replacement pieces are only a couple of bucks, so you are not looking at a lot of money.

You have a decision to make when it comes to choosing the battery, which means deciding whether or not you want variable voltate where you can adjust the voltage. Adjustable batteries cost a little more, but they also allow you to control the quantity of vapor, and thus the throat hit that you get. If you go with a fixed voltage wax vapor pen, you may need a little trial and error to find out what works best for you. It is now very popular to use 650MAH pass through batteries.

The loading of the unit with vaping wax is incredibly straightforward. Depending on the type of wax you use, you may be able to load it with your fingers. If you are using a stickier type of wax, a dabber tool always comes with the kits. Once you are loaded up and the glass globe has been attached, you are ready to experience the thrill of wax vaping.