One of the major problems with smoking is that when the tobacco burns, you are forced to inhale the smoke that is created by the process. It is the smoke that contains many of the harmful chemicals that can seriously affect your health. This is where hookah pens can serve as an ideal replacement for the traditional cigarette, as they use a process where the material is heated and not burned. What you are left with is vapor that does not come with all the negative health effects when inhaled. Is it any wonder that hookah pens and vaping lounges are beginning to pop up all over the place?

If you have never tried a hookah pen or vaporizer, you are probably pretty skeptical about how the whole thing works, and there are even some smokers who think that it will be a less satisfying experience than what is received with a cigarette. This is not actually the case, and smokers are usually petty surprised at the quality of the flavor, not to mention the satisfying throat hit, that they get when using a hookah pen. They are even more surprised when they learn that this is a much healthier alternative than continually reaching for traditional cigarettes.

So how does all of this work, I hear you ask? It is actually pretty simple, and all you need to get started is a hookah pen or vaporizer, which you can easily find online or in a host of smoke shops. You can use liquid, dry herb, wax, or oils, and place the materials in a chamber within your device. Once the heating element reaches you chosen temperature, it heats the chamber that holds the material, without ever touching it. Combustion is taken out of the equation, and while you do get a puff of what looks like smoke, what you are actually blowing out is water vapor.

As mentioned earlier, the inhalation of the vapor is also a healthier option, as the tar and chemicals that you find in cigarette smoke do not exist in the vapor. More often than not, the vapor produced by your hookah pen is odorless, and is also not harmful to people in your vicinity. What all of that means is that you can operate your vaporizer in places where cigarette smoking has been banned. The number of places where this is happening is on the rise, which is another reason why people are giving up the burn in favor of heat.

We are pretty sure that some of you are still going to be skeptical about the information contained in this article, and that is why we suggest that you give heat versus burn a try for yourself. There are vape shops popping up all over the place now, and the majority of them will allow you to have a little sample of the wares that they have for sale. Once you see that what you get is as satisfying, or perhaps even better, than what you get from a cigarette, we are sure you will be ready to start shopping for your own hookah pen or portable vaporizer.