Once you’ve started using a portable vaporizer or vaporizer pen, you quickly fall in love with the taste and flavor, and the way that it produces a smooth and rich experience. When compared to smoking, vaporized herbs, waxes and oils are an unbeatable way to enjoy your favorite flavors and substances. However, there’s always room for improvement, as they say, and many of the more industrious vapers among us seek out new methods and tips to achieve an even more robust vapor output. Here’s a look at five ways to get more from your device.

Temperature control

One of the biggest factors to fine tune in a portable vaporizer is the temperature setting. As we’ve discussed previously, high performance vaporizers offer vapers the ability to adjust and refine the temperature at which their device operates. Each substance to be vaporized has an optimal temperature range at which the most vapor will be produced. This level, however, can also be impacted by how fresh the vaporized material is or the moisture content of the substance. Adjusting the temperature settings can help you find a more perfect level or vapor production.

Break it up

Another tip to get more from your vaporizer is to break up or grind your substances before loading them into your vape pen or portable vaporizer. For oils, this is generally not necessary since the fluid has more mobility within your device, but breaking apart waxes or grinding dry herbs provides more surface area that can be exposed to the heat of your vaporizer. The more exposed surface, the more of the material can be vaporized, leading to a more potent release of flavor and a more robust vapor cloud. Portable Hookahs is currently running a special offer, and all customers can receive a free herb grinder with their order by entering promo code “FREEGRINDER”!

Stirred, not shaken

Just as breaking up materials before starting to use your vaporizer helps with the vapor production, so too does stirring the contents during use. In the case of oil, this can be done continuously during regular use by simply swirling the vaporizer. For other substances, using a stir tool to adjust the pack of your vaping materials can help prolong your vaping experience and expose portions that may have not had enough heat deeper in the device. Just as stirring a fire can help it to flare up again and refresh a flame, so too can stirring your portable vaporizer pack. 

Don’t overpack

Another factor that may impact your vaping experience is how much you place into the device. It’s easy to get overzealous and want to stuff your vape pen to the brim with whatever product you’re vaporizing. However, by doing this you may be impairing the flow of air through your device, which reduces both the vapor that comes from the mouthpiece and the effectiveness of the vaporizer itself. By not overfilling, you’ll get a more enjoyable and consistent vape, even if you need to repack it slightly more frequently.

Clean regularly

Last, but not least, is keeping your vaporizer pen or portable vaporizer clean. Many vaping materials – especially waxes and fresh herbs – produce resins and sticky byproducts that easily stick to the sidewalls and filters inside of your vaporizer. Just like a salt shaker in humid conditions, this leads to narrowed or blocked holes, which restrict air – and vapor – flow throughout the device. Cleaning regularly can help prevent or improve issues. Take a look at our recent post on tips for keeping your device clean and clear.

Portable Hookahs carries a full range of portable vaporizers and vaporizer pens, plus a great selection of accessories to help with grinding, stirring, packing and cleaning. Take a look at our full inventory, and contact us today for help or any questions!