With so many different products now on the market, there are a number of factors to consider when looking for your first vaporizer pen or want to upgrade to a newer model or one with more features and options. Just like buying a car, there’s an extensive research process to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. While you can’t exactly “test drive” a vaporizer pen, there are several factors you should keep in mind while looking for the vaporizer pen that will work for you.

Conduction or convection

There are two main heating options employed in vaporizer pens to achieve the smooth vapor you’re looking for. The first, conduction, is the generally more common version. This process heats up your dry herbs or wax through direct contact, leading to more heating at the bottom of the material you’re vaporizing. This can cause uneven heating and requires more frequent stirring or shifting of your materials. Convection works more like your typical household oven, though, allowing the product to be heated by hot air from all sides. This provides an even heating and release of vapors. As a general rule, convection will provide a higher quality of vapor and are more efficient than conduction vaporizer pens. For more on the differences, check out our previous article on conduction versus convection.

Oils, waxes or herbs

Another consideration to keep in mind is what you want to be able to use in your vaporizer. Each vaporizer pen is configured differently, and the way that it’s designed or what add-ons you choose to get can determine whether you can use wax, oils or dry herbs – or any of the three options interchangeably. On our site, we show each option by category, but we also have several vaporizers that can be used with all three substances, including The Kind Pen and the Atmos Astra Vaporizer. One of these kits may be your best option if you use – or are thinking of trying – alternate materials in your personal vaporizer.


You also need to take into account the level of customization that you’re looking for from your vaporizer. For one, form factor plays a role in making your decision. Just like one person may love the look of a Ford while another prefers Chrysler cars, there’s a degree of personal preference involved. With customization, many products are available in a spectrum of colors, but again like cars, you need to consider the ride of your portable vaporizer, or how well it carries for you in your purse or pockets.

Extra features

In addition, your level of use plays a role in selecting the right vape pen for you. More active vaporizers will need a device with a larger battery or longer battery life than a casual vaper. There’s also programmability of the vaporizer temperature to consider. Different materials will vaporize more or less at different temperature settings – often ranging from 350F to 450F – with hotter temperatures tending to provide a harsher vapor cloud and increased potential for flammability. Lastly, many devices allow for additional add-ons to be used to further enhance your vaping experience. This can range from waxomizers or glassomizers that provide an enhanced taste and ability to use thicker oils or heavier wax products to bubbler and other attachments to further filter your vape and provide a more smooth sensation akin to using a water pipe.

At Portable Hookahs, we carry an expansive selection of portable vaporizers and accessories to choose from, whether you’re just starting out or looking to try something new. Take a look at our inventory and find the perfect vape pen for you today.