There is a move on right now to prevent people who use vaporizers from being able to use their devices in public buildings. What is essentially happening is that vape pens are now being lumped into the same category as cigarettes, which everyone who uses them sees as being totally unfair. For the moment, it is medical facilities and college campuses that seem to be instituting these “smoke free” bans, but it’s only really a matter of time before other establishments start following suit. What these places may not be realizing is that they may well be pushing people who use vaporizers back into the arms of tobacco.

It’s fair to say that the numbers regarding the health and safety of herbal vaporizers are not yet really complete, as these are devices that have only really made it into the mainstream over the past few years. That said, though, people who have made the switch from cigarettes to vaporizers and e-cigs routinely report that they feel much healthier after a pretty short period of time. Those who start out using both tobacco and vape pens generally end up ditching the cigarettes altogether, oftentimes because they are limited to where they can light up their smokes.

For many people making that switch, the temptation to have a cigarette is still sometimes very strong. If these people are placed in a situation where they cannot use their vaporizer, there are a good many that will simply stop fighting the urge and make the move back to tobacco. Cigarettes have been around long enough for a ton of data to be compiled, and there is no argument that they are absolutely deadly. We can certainly understand a ban on cigarettes, especially since there are the effects of secondhand smoke to consider, but is that really an issue with water vapor?

One of the newest places to announce a tobacco ban at their facility is the Cullman Regional Medical Center in Alabama. Their ban, which will include vaporizers, will go into effect on the 1st of next year, and their reasoning for doing so seems sound enough. This is, after all, a health facility, and it makes sense that cigarettes should be banned. In providing reasons for the ban, the center spoke about the high incidence of smoking in their region, as well as the health issues that come with that habit. The stats about lung cancer, emphysema, and other tobacco related diseases can all be attributed to cigarettes, and not to vaporizers.

There is a good deal of scaremongering going on right now, with ant-tobacco groups looking to get vape devices in the same category as cigarettes. Those of you who regularly use a vaporizer know the difference between vaping and smoking, and it’s up to you to make your voice heard on this subject. We are fast approaching a point where vape pens are only going to be able to be used in designated areas or the comfort of your own home. This is not acceptable if it means that people start making the move back to tobacco.