It wasn’t so very long ago that shopping for the stoner in your life meant trying to track down a back alley head shop that had a limited number of options for you to choose from. Marijuana is becoming more and more socially acceptable by the day, thanks in large part to its legalization in a growing number of states. It is now becoming clear that professional types actually smoke, and are actually more prevalent than the lazy, weed-smoking stereotype. The vaporizer pen has become the accessory of choice for those folks, but there are plenty of other gift ideas out there that they will love.

We mentioned that vaporizer pens are starting to become increasingly popular among marijuana users, and for very good reason. You get a much cleaner high with a vape pen, and you also don’t get to inhale the less than healthy stuff that you find in the smoke from a regular joint. There are a ton of different vaporizer pens to choose from, but the PuffCo Pro may be among the best. Affordable enough for those not looking to make a huge investment, and a unit that just looks really cool.

Vaporizer pens are definitely a healthier option, but there are still times when nothing but a joint will do. If you have a stoner in your life who feels that way, then you may want to introduce them to Hepburn’s pre-rolled joints. They come in great looking tins, and really do make a great gift because of that. Most people know when to stop when they light up, but there is a chance that overindulging can happen. It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of Mary’s Rescue on hand, as this product is the marijuana version of the perfect hangover cure.

If you are more about the medicinal properties of marijuana than getting high, then there may well be a perfect product for you. It isn’t always possible to pull out your vaporizer pen and get a healthy dose of CBD, but that problem has been solved by Mary’s Nutritionals, as they offer transdermal patches that deliver the health benefits of CBD without having to light up.

We spoke earlier about beautifully packaged marijuana products being a great gift item, and they may not come any better looking than IVXX pre-rolled joints. They are delivered in packaging that looks like a high-end cigar box, and the product that comes inside meets the quality of the box that they arrive in. This is the perfect gift for the professional type who enjoys to relax with a joint after a hard day at work. A good meal also helps when chilling out, and you will find a ton of great recipes in The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. Easy to follow recipes that taste great are what you will find in this book, which is perfect for those who are a little challenged in the kitchen. These are all great gifts for the stoner in your life, and a simple Google search will reveal even more.