The Kind Pen Status vaporizer is intended for dry herb use only. This is a full convection vaporizer in the brands collection. Not only do you have complete temperature controls but you also have a lifetime warranty in case anything happens to this device in the future. The ideal temperature to produce pure vapor is between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This device will heat up to 430 °F but it will create stronger heat therefore thick vapor that has a scent and may be strong for your lungs. If you have no illnesses and no reason to avoid the scent of herbal medication, we suggest to experiment with different heat settings before settling on your favorite. If you would like to use the lightest therefore safest option, please use 350-375 °F with fully grinded up herbs.

Here are the steps on how to use the device for optimal performance:

I. Charge your device for a few hours.
II. To remove the mouthpiece without complications, push lightly against the curved side (not the diagonal side) as instructed in the video.
III. Put your dry herbs through a grinder. Use no more than 0.6 of a gram.
IV. Pack the dry herbs into the heating chamber without pressing on the top so that heat can travel through to evenly cook the herb.
V. Click the power button five time rapidly to turn on the device.
VI. Use the (+/-) buttons to select your preferred temperature.
VII. It will show you live temperature increasing therefore please start vaping when the temperature is reached on the LED display.
VIII. The heating chamber will start cooling down automatically until you will not inhale more vapor.
IX. You can rotate the dry herb and try again but if the dry herb is brown, you may want to throw it out and reload more as it is most likely un-vapable at that point.