Step 1: Setting up the pipe

Take your Hookah apart and clean in thoroughly with water. To get the best smoke your Hookah should always remain clean.

Step 2:

Fill cold water into the vase so that the stem is about one inch submerged into the water. If you know you will be smoking hookah in advance, I suggest to put the water filled vase in the fridge so that the water cools down to the ideal temperature. Some add ice cubes to cool the water down quickly.

Step 3:

Insert Hookah stem into vase and make sure the fit is air tight. This will ensure the smoke will not be thin nor diluted.

Step 4:

Place the metal tray on top of the hookah stem to make sure any pieces of coal will be caught in case they fall.

Step 5:

Take the hose and blow any caught particles from the previous hookah session out. Do not wash the hose. Now insert the end of the hose with a rubber stopper into the stem.

Step 6: Setting up the Tobacco

Take your favorite flavored tobacco and do the following, this has proven to be the perfect way.

  • Take a small portion (enough for one time) out of the tobacco case and place it on a few pieces of paper towels.
  • Gently squeeze out the juice leaving the tobacco with plenty of flavor but not soaked as it previously was. Do not completely dry out the tobacco.
  • Rip up the tobacco into small fine pieces as you put it into the bowl. Don't over fill the bowl so that the tobacco does not touch the aluminum foil at the top.
  • Put double wrapped aluminum foil over the bowl tightly with the glossy part facing down.

Use a toothpick or fork to poke small holes into the aluminum but do not poke all over as you may have been previously told. For the tobacco to bake in the heat instead of burn make sure it looks like this:

  • Light one or two coals safely on the stove.
  • When coal is ready, use metal tongues to place the coal on the bowl but make sure the end side of the coal does not cross the center. It is ok for the coal to stick out on the side in case it's too big.


Step 7: ENJOY!

Take at least a 1-2 minute break between pulls.