Vape pens are everywhere now, and it’s pretty common to see some A-list stars using theirs when they are being interviewed. Snoop Dogg has his own line of vape pens, and the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Katy Perry, and Samuel L. Jackson have all been snapped taking a puff from their vape pen. The devices are also routinely mentioned in articles that feature interviews with celebrities, and Mr. Jackson is one who always seems to be at every interview with his vaporizer, just as he was when he gave an interview to Buzzfeed about his role in The Hateful Eight and the use of the N-word.

While it may seem odd that a writer would feel the need to mention the use of a vape pen by a celebrity, it does help show that famous folks are as likely to follow the latest trends as we are. The use of vape pens has exploded in recent years, and you can bet that the gift baskets that are handed out at awards shows will have a high-end vaping device included in there. It’s cool to vape, but there is also a social relevance to doing so that is often missed by those who simply need to follow along with the crowd.

For every one person who likes to sit and blow plumes of smoke for no apparent reason, there are hundreds more who use vape pens as a smoking cessation device, or to more effectively take their dose of medical marijuana. While we may be reading a little too much into the mention of Samuel L. Jackson’s use of a vape pen in that Hateful Eight interview, it is worth noting that it is mentioned in a piece that is very much about another hot button issue: race.

We are not trying to equate the use of a vape pen with the racial divide in the world, but social issues are being talked about more than they ever have been at any other time in history. The legalization of marijuana is starting to spread, and we are now starting to have open, frank discussions about race relation in this country. Now, we don’t know if Mr. Jackson smokes cannabis oil or prefers some sort of flavored liquid, but just the act of using a vape pen in a public setting is a sign that it’s now cooler to vape than to poison yourself with toxic smoke.

In the BuzzFeed interview, Jackson mentions that the cast didn’t really talk much about the use of the N-word in the movie, and he was fine with that. These were all people that he knew and trusted, which meant that he also knew that word would not be used by them anywhere other than when it was required of them by the script. None of us are handed a script that tells us what to say, just as none of us are handed instructions about what we should and shouldn’t put into our bodies. A lot of what we do just comes down to common sense, and there finally seems to be a lot more of that going around.