Given the reputation of Las Vegas being the ultimate party town, you would have thought that marijuana would have been a staple there for as long as anyone can remember. That has not really been the case, but it now looks as though Vegas may become the next city where vaporizers will be the go to device. It has been a long time coming, especially when you consider that medical marijuana legislation has been on the books in Nevada since way back in 2000. It may have been slow getting started, but the marijuana business is quickly beginning to pick up a real head of steam, or perhaps that’s vapor.

The sticking point in the 15 years since Nevada voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana has been getting all the local cities to implement regulations regarding cultivation and dispensaries. That work has now been completed, leading to over 60 licenses being granted across the state. That has led to at least 12 dispensaries, processing centers, and growing facilities opening for business, with many, many more soon to follow. If there was ever a more appropriate location for marijuana use to thrive other than Vegas, we really don’t know where that would be.

One reason why Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular, is considered to be the next big marijuana boom location is because of their laws. Right now, anyone possessing a valid medical marijuana license can buy weed in Nevada, unless of course they come from a state whose laws are CBD only. Patients can now travel to Las Vegas and purchase weed, marijuana vaporizers, and a host of other cannabis-related goodies, as long as they are able to present valid ID at the time of purchase. We can almost see the next big show on Vegas strip being massive plumes of vapor from contended customers.

Zoning laws in the city of Las Vegas make it impossible for a dispensary to open on the strip, but you don’t have to go far away from the glitz and neon to find a place that will happily serve you what you need. There are a lot of reasons to head to Vegas for a few days, and the 40 million plus visitors that the city receives annually could climb even higher once medical marijuana patients become aware that they can take their license with them on their next foray into the Nevada desert.

It has been tough times for the store that were among the first to open, but the fact of the matter is that word of what is going on in Vegas is not getting out very quickly. That all looks set to change, though, and marijuana is set to become the next big business in Las Vegas. There is also the belief that the legalization of recreational marijuana is set to hit Nevada soon, and you can then make a pretty safe bet that the weed industry will take off in a he way in Las Vegas.