Changes are afoot in the world of marijuana, and not just when it comes to the increasing acceptance and legality of the drug. Changes are also being made in how it is smoked, or should we say vaped? Dry herb vaporizers like the Snoop Dogg vaporizer pen have made the humble bong and joint almost obsolete, and for good reason.

Vaporizers heat up your materials at a much lower temperature, creating vapor that has all the benefits of weed without delivering the toxins and chemicals that end up in smoke. It is essentially the same reason why e-cigs are now a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. There are those willing to debate the health aspect of a dry herb vaporizer, but it’s hard to argue with the New York state medical marijuana legislation that urges patients to use the healthier vape option.

Weed smokers are moving to herb vaporizers in herds, but old school types are still a little skeptical. The best advice that we can give to those who are unsure is to try some of the different styles of vaporizers on the market before choosing one that fits the bill perfectly. For example, those who like to take a hit from a large glass bong will likely enjoy the desktop vaporizer experience delivered by the likes of the Silver Surfer vaporizer. The larger units aren’t going with you when you head out, but they are great for those that like to share their herb with others in the comfort of their own home.

The whole idea of the vaporizer pen for many, though, is discretion. This is where the vaporizer pen becomes the way to go. Part of the fun here is creating unique pens by mixing and matching batteries and tanks, but you can also get a great dry herb vaporizer kit like The Kind Pen, which also comes with a lifetime warranty, for a very affordable price. There are literally hundreds of options on the market, with new styles added on an almost daily basis.

Those looking for a little old school charm mixed with modern vape technology might like the portable vaporizers such the Magic Flight Launch Box. This little wooden box requires you to grind and load your herb before getting your vape on. It’s like a little wooden cooker for marijuana that looks nothing like the vape pens that are so popular nowadays, yet which still does an incredible job of delivering a rather tasty jolt of your favorite herb.

There really is a dry herb vaporizer to match every style and “smoking” preference. You can shop online for the best prices, taking time to compare the features of each different option. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, given the massive selection, but once you know what each device does, you can pretty quickly start to narrow things down so that you aren’t on the outside looking in with the massive shift within the marijuana culture.