The most popular and well built vaporizer in the game is the PAX 3. Most have heard about it and know at least one person who has it. The PAX itself is not the most innovative vaporizer but there are things you can count on making this one of the best vapes of all time. Each model is very sturdy unlike other brands so you can drop this without worrying that something will break. The internals are made of amazing quality parts therefore if you do not lose it, the PAX will last you a very long time. The company offers a 10 year warranty therefore you know they are confident in their product. You can purchase this vape in two options, a complete kit or device only. The only parts you are missing for the "device only" option is the concentrate insert, half pack oven lid, multi tool and the three screens. Please read our professional PAX 3 Vaporizer review for more information on this vape.