As the medicinal marijuana movement continues to grow support and adoption in states from coast to coast, research advances along and seems to find more and more benefits to this long-maligned substance. Most recently, Popular Science reported that Israeli scientists have uncovered evidence that one of the substances in marijuana may actually promote healing and regeneration of bone tissues, even increasing their strength overall.

According to the report from the team of researchers at Tel Aviv University, published recently in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, scientists gave rats in two groups – each with mid-femoral fractures – a series of injections, the first containing cannabidiol (CBD)and the second containing CBD and THC, the compound which is typically responsible for marijuana’s “high.” The rats injected with the CBD-only compound healed better than those in the study’s control group, showing improved bone regeneration.

Researchers also discovered that the rats treated with CBD also showed increased bone strength, which may mean that these regenerated injuries may even prove to be more stable than fractures and breaks that heal without any assistance. However, the study also had a caveat – those rats that received the combination did not show the same regenerative benefits. Often used to treat inflammatory issues, CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, and the group would like to receive approval to perform additional testing in humans.

While difficult to isolate, CBD is one of the components that can be isolated to a degree by using a portable weed vaporizer with customizable temperature settings. As we discussed in our previous post on vaporizer temperatures, CBD has a target temperature range of 320 to 356 degrees F, and while this will overlap with other cannabinoids – which the study seemed to show negated the bone regeneration benefits – focusing your vaporizer’s temperature settings to favor the release temperatures for a particular component may be the best option for treating your specific condition or ailment.

Popular Science also notes in the study that researchers are also hard at work on designing synthetic  marijuana that offers the beneficial components without the “high,” which could mean a more targeted and beneficial herbal option could be coming soon for your vaporizer!

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