Modern method of smoking has turned us into health conscious individuals. Electronic hookah is one which helps many smokers from health hazards such as cancer and diseases of lungs, heart etc. With eHookah, you can choose which level of Nicotine you put into the tank. The levels are separated in different eLiquid bottles. These electronic hookahs use rechargeable batteries which replaces the use of coal in traditional hookah. This device releases water vapor instead of harmful gasses into our atomosphere. The vapor is odorless and safe to breathe. A great part of this smoking experience is it doesn't leave odor on your hair or clothes unlike the damage cigarettes do to frequent smokers. It comes in different shapes and sizes, colors and odor according to the customers' choice.  The flavors include grape, mango, pineapple, Blueberry, Cherry, watermelon, strawberry, banana etc which can be purchased through different online stores such as Portable Hookahs. This hookah does not require ash trays and a lighter. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The safe rechargeable battery holds the charge for many hours. The fashionable outlook of hookah comes in elegant color, style and variety to suit the mood of every event at a social event. It does not release bad odor into the air in public places. Despite the great battery life, starter kits come with a USB and a car charger which allows you to charge while travelling. Customers should search on and find a Hookah Pen that suits their needs. There are number of brands of electronic cigarettes including large portable hookah sticks, VaporX being the peoples' favorite. Customers can purchase hookahs sticks or eJuice with a monthly plan. This assures smokers that there will be no off time where they feel the need to run to the store and buy a pack. The manufacturing kit is designed with a all in one package at discounted price. The starter kit includes an e-cigarette, charger chord, batteries, atomizer, filter cartridges and instructions.

Online shopping has made the users go for different brands and styles which suits their budget. Disposable cheap electronic hookah sticks come in different flavor without nicotine. The online experts provide guidelines and tips for customers about the advantages of electronic hookahs. We sell this product in order to help the customers quit smoking. Pregnant women should avoid using these products without physician consultation.