The Windsor Venue Music Hall is a cavernous space that has been home to all sorts of great musical acts, but in between the shows, the venue now also houses the first marijuana vapor lounge in the city, which also just happens to be the largest in Canada. Since opening at the turn of the year Higher Limits has attracted about 110 customers per day, all of them armed with vape pens and medical marijuana. The whole goal of the venue is to give medical marijuana patients a place to vape in a safe environment.

Despite the fact that research has shown to be effective in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, there is still something of a stigma attached to the smoking of weed. There are still plenty of people who look down on those who use marijuana to treat a host of symptoms, which just isn’t something you see directed at people who use prescription medications to help with their issues. Higher Limits don’t just provide a comfortable lounge for medical marijuana users and their vaporizers, it’s job is also to help clear up some of those lingering stigmas.

There may be a little bit of a culture shock for those who are forced to use their vaporizer and medical marijuana in near secrecy, as it’s a very open environment inside Higher Limits. Everyone who is there is free to use their vape pens as needed, in a space where no judgement is ever passed. Patients can chill out and talk to other medical marijuana users, or they can use their time to read cannabis literature.

There are some rules that need to be followed at the Higher Limits Vapor Lounge, though, starting with no person under the age of 18 being allowed inside. Marijuana cannot be bought, sold, or traded within the lounge, and tobacco and alcohol are both prohibited. Medical marijuana is all that can be consumed, and you can also purchase vape pens pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia there.

Higher Limits does all that they can to be in compliance with the law, but they will never ask to see a medical marijuana license. Users assume all the risk when they consume marijuana there, and there is every possibility that the Windsor Police may pay a visit. That said, local law enforcement officials have already stated that they will only investigate the venue when they receive a complaint, with trafficking being their main concern. Visitors to the venue are asked to remember that recreational use of marijuana is still not legal in Canada.

Higher Limits has already received the thumbs up from the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, who have inspected the facility and found it to be in compliance with the Electronic Cigarettes Act, and the Smoke Free Ontario Act. The owners of the location are committed to making sure that their establishment stays in compliance, as they know that running a clean business will help those who need a place to consume their medical marijuana.