We are all now well aware that marijuana is becoming more widely accepted by the general public, with several states now legalizing it for recreational as well as medical use. It is perhaps the latter that has opened the door and brought marijuana into the mainstream. This growing acceptance of the drug has led to a whole new industry developing, with vaporizer pens sure to have been one of the most popular gifts for those who like to indulge in a little puff every now and again. While a vaporizer is indeed a great gift, it is not the only one available for the stoner in your life.

Most people who smoke marijuana are well aware of their limitations, but there are times when you may end up overindulging a little. While you aren’t going to overdose from marijuana, there is some discomfort and edginess that comes when you smoke a little too much. A product called Mary’s Rescue is a medicinal tonic that claims to help with those symptoms. This is a handy little product to have in the bathroom cabinet if you like to indulge in marijuana.

While vaporizer pens are a safer, healthier way to get your high, there are still people who like a hand-rolled joint. When you are in your own home and don’t need to be discrete, you can use Hepburn’s pre-rolled joints. The thing that makes these such a great gift is that they come in great looking decorative tins. These joints are pretty much intended for those of you who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, with each joint containing at least 10% cannabis concentrate. Another similar type of product is called IVXX, and will appeal to people who like to hang out in smoking lounges. The boxes these come in are akin to cigar boxes, and they look absolutely fantastic.

We mentioned the tonic that Mary’s makes a little earlier, but that is not the only product they come up with. They also make transdermal patches that contain CBD, which many people believe helps with the symptoms of a number of different ailments. When you feel a little better, you might just feel like having a delicious meal. The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook by Robyn Griggs Lawrence contains a ton of great cannabis based recipes that look as great as they taste.

Cannabis doesn’t just make you feel good, there are now products that can make you look good, too. A company based in Denver called Apothecanna makes a number of beauty products that contain levels of THC. When you have to put on lip balm, why not use one that will give you a little buzz as it moisturizes your lips. These are just a few of the many products that are available for the marijuana lover in your life. Expect to see even more come to market as marijuana begins to become legal in more and more states across the country.