There has been a lot of talk recently about a marijuana-based medication that is proving successful in treating children with seizures. Parents in New York State may soon not have to ship their kids off to Denver to get access to treatment, though, as the state and GW Pharmaceuticals out of the UK have signed an agreement to commence with clinical trials of the drug.

The drug in question is Epidiolex, which uses a marijuana extract known as cannabidiol. This particular extract has proven effective in treating all kinds of ailments, and is perfect for those under 18 as it did not come with the high that you get from smoking other parts of the plant. Two of the diseases that cause the biggest problems for children are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, both of which deliver multiple seizures that can be fatal. In order for the children suffering from these diseases to be part of the clinical trial, parents need to show that the medication being used to treat the ailments is not working.

We briefly mentioned Denver earlier, and that is because the Charlotte’s Web strain of marijuana being used to treat seizures in children is proving to be highly effective. This strain is very high on cannabidiol content and low in psychological effects. The nonprofit organization - the Realm of Caring – that produces this particular strain currently has a waiting list of over 200 people looking to receive care.

In order for the trial to go ahead, approval has to be granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which the Health Department believes they will have shortly. Oddly enough, pro-medical marijuana advocates are not that pleased with the idea of the clinical trial. They believe that it will pull attention away from a proposal about legalizing medical marijuana that is already going through the Senate.

This seems to be another case of marijuana becoming a hot political topic, with Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo in favor of pushing through the trials while the other proposal makes its way through the Republican-led Senate. The bill that is being heavily pushed through a number of different mediums in New York would allow patients with one of 20 serious illness to have access to medical marijuana, which many would have administered through a vaporizer.

All of this is making the marijuana issue a little muddy for people in the state of New York. On the one hand, you have Cuomo trying to implement medical marijuana across 20 different hospitals in the state, while another bill wants to make marijuana legal for all, as it is in Colorado. It is this divide in the use of marijuana that leads to the average person becoming more than just a little confused. Not everyone with a vaporizer pen is looking to get high, as there are many who are just trying to get back to a better quality of life.