When you buy a dry herb vaporizer, you ideally want one that works well, and which will last for a long time. That is exactly what you get with the Kind line of products, as they make great devices, as well as delivering a lifetime warranty. We have reviewed Kind Pens in the past, and we were excited to see the latest release from them, which is the Kind Pen Status Portable Vaporizer. This is a brand that comes with pretty lofty expectations, so we were excited to see if this one is as good as what we have reviewed in the past.

One of the first things that catches your attention with the Kind Pen Status is the quality of the packaging. The box that it comes in is rugged and durable, and also has a magnetic strip that allows you to securely pack away your device when you are traveling. This is already a portable unit, but that attention to detail in the packaging makes this a dry herb vaporizer that you can put in the box and into your luggage without fear of it getting damaged.

The vape pen itself is a sleek, black unit that definitely looks the part. Your lit also comes with a micro USB charger that allows you to get battery power from a host of different devices, a packing tool that doubles as a dabber, a cleaning brush, and three silicone mouthpieces that will come in handy when you plan on sharing your pen.

The Kind Pen Status Portable Vape Pen operates on the 5-click system, and has a lighted display that is incredibly easy to read. You can set the temperature range of the device between 350 and 430 degrees, which is done with a few simple button clicks. Different people like different temperatures, so be sure to go up and down the range until you find the setting that works best for you.

Opening the pen to load up the chamber is also incredibly easy, as all you need to do is push on the mouthpiece, on the opposite side from the buttons, to open up the space. With the mouthpiece off, you will notice that it contains a handy little filter that will prevent pieces of dry herb and other debris from getting into your mouth. The metal chamber is downright cavernous, and is able to hold more than a ½ gram of dry herb.

Once you have the chamber at your desired temperature, which is should reach by the time you grind and load your dry herb, all you need to do is take a hit and experience the flavor that this great little unit delivers. If you are using the Kind Pen to smoke dry herb, you will be pleased to know that it emits little or no odor, making it perfect for a little bit of discrete vaping. The Kind Pen Status Portable Vaporizer is an excellent addition to the family, and is one that you will definitely not regret purchasing.