Medical marijuana was legalized in a 23rd state, New York, in 2014, a huge sign of progress in the acceptance of this powerful and effective medication by states across the country. Red tape, such licensing and other required steps for sellers, will likely keep patients from having access to their medication until 2016, but in the meantime, there are some changes to note for those who use, or hope to use, medicinal cannabis in New York.

As the safety of smoking “dry herb,” a term used to describe the dried plant material, has been called into question, the Empire State is responding by prohibiting smoking as a permitted ingestion method in New York. No patient will be allowed to smoke dry herb as a method of administration for their medicinal cannabis treatments, which leaves them the options of eating or vaporizing their dose of either oil or wax instead.

This decision has raised concerns among prospective users and medical professionals about how the bill will limit the accessibility of patients to their medication, however, these concerns are largely unfounded. The price of vaporizers and other devices have decreased rapidly, and continue to become more affordable. The bill’s restrictions may also be ultimately revised later on, and could even prove to be a moot point if the state follows others by legalizing recreational marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Many believe that vaporizing serves as a more effective way to take medicinal cannabis dosages versus ingesting edibles, according to medical marijuana experts at Potbotics. Not only does vaporizing grant users more control for a more accurate dosage, but the convenience of carrying a portable hookah, vape pen or other vaporizer can allow a patient to medicate as little or as much as they need to without concerns about setup, cleanup or odors.

Vaporizers used to catch a bad rap for being overly expensive or ineffective, but as times have changed, the market for these devices has grown steadily, and now waxes and oils can be safely vaped for a very affordable price. Take a look at some of our vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers, and get your vape kit today!