There have been many questions about whether or not you should grind your dry herbal materials before using your vaporizer, and Portable Hookahs is here to help put those questions to bed. Here are just a few reasons why it is best to grind your herbs prior to vaporizing them.

Santa Cruz Shredder

More Surface Area

The first reason that grinding your recreational or medical marijuana is important is that it increases the amount of surface area. With more surface area, your cannabis will heat much more evenly, allowing it to create a more robust vapor and producing a fuller draw from your vape pen. Grinding up a small bud will give you considerably more surface area, which will then produce a consistent hit, which leads to the next advantage of using a grinder.

Groove Grinder

Better Conservation 

When you grind your cannabis finely, the consistent pulls will have you feeling the effects of your dosage more rapidly. With additional surface area exposed, you can get a greater concentration with each puff, making it more effective per the same amount of material. This way, you will also use a smaller amount of herb to gain the same benefits, which will save you time – both in how quickly you see the benefits and additional charge left on your vape – and money in the long run. 

Aerospaced Grinder

Pollen Catchers

When you are purchasing a grinder, keep an eye out for models with a pollen, or keif, catcher. Keif is the cannabis plant’s resin glands, which can be sifted off from the herb with a mesh screen during the grinding process. Most high-end grinders or three-chamber grinders include a pollen screen that allows you separate this material for later use. As Leafly notes, keif tends to be highly concentrated with cannabinoids and terpenes – the materials that give cannabis its medicinal benefits.

No matter the type of portable vaporizer you use, a grinder can be a great accessory that will let you get more for out of your materials. Check out our selection of grinders to help make your vaping experience even better!