From Nawabs to the New Generation Neo-Electronic Age Users

Nothing beats tradition in its original form. This is not just a saying, rather an experience when it comes to hookah smoking. The traditional hookah still retains its aroma and a bit of arrogance when it comes to many social occasions. There is a business party at a bar and the host obviously wants to please the guests by offering something right out of the age old customs. For example, he may wish to decorate the environment with a classical touch. This obviously calls for all the old gold hookahs being ordered in a hurry and arranged for the guests.  There are many old styled hookahs with their unique names and flavors.

The Khalil Mamoon Hookahs with its towering heights, crowning glory and an artistic finish still rules the roost when it comes to traditional models. Earlier and sometimes even now it is made by hand and its craftsmanship is still a legend in the Egyptian cities and towns. Being hard rolled and tough, they stand the test of time retain their originality even after years of usage.

Rotating hookahs are another old and gold model from the moulds of hookah manufacturers. They can be fitted with multiple pipes so that many people can share a hookah, tie the bonds of friendship and understanding even more. They are made available in a multitude of colors and designs. The flavors along with tobacco content can be stored in a cool box that accompanies the hookah. Though many of them still come in heavy versions, the lighter portable versions give more popularity to the product.

The other major traditional and portable type of hookahs is the Syrian hookahs. They are made from the combination of metallic, ceramic, glass, other precious metals and alloy combination. The trays and shafts are etched by laser. The hose opening is wide and allows easy draws. This puts less pressure on the lungs and the breathing canals. Though basically originating from Syria, the modern portable hookahs have included all the designs from the Indo European style in their structure.

There are more hookah types than one can imagine. The tradition of hookah manufacturing has also undergone a sea of changes from the olden days to the modern days today. People who care for their health and environment can obviously opt for eHookah which is more of flavor than chemicals and tobacco. Many bars and restaurants give a combination of age old and modern day hookahs to their customers.