You have probably already heard of electronic cigarettes, but are you aware that you can also get your vape on with an electronic hookah? The e-hookah is similar to the e-cig in the way that it works, and is a much safer, healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Simply put, the e-hookah is put together using a battery and an atomizer, both of which combine to heat a flavored liquid that delivers a shot of nicotine without all the other toxic junk found in cigarettes. Best of all, there is water vapor produced instead of smoke, which means you can use your portable e-hookah anywhere you want, even in places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited.

If you have ever seen a hookah in real life, you probably already know that it’s a rather sizable piece of equipment. Don’t worry, though, as you will not have to try and force something of that scale into your pocket or purse when you opt for the electronic version. Smokers love the look and feel of a cigarette when they make the switch to electronic, which is why the hookah pen might well be the best fit. Hookah pens are the size of a cigarette, yet still deliver the same intense flavor that you would get from the real thing. There are many people who actually feel that the tobacco sensation and throat hit that you get with an e hookah is much more pronounced than that of an e-cig.

What you may also be surprised to find is that there is an incredible selection of styles and designs when it comes time to choose your e-hookah. While the traditional hookah style is available, smokers on the go will much likely prefer the portability and ease of use of the hookah pen. Everything you need to get started can be found in a starter kit, although you are free to go to a reputable site like, where you can mix and match all the different elements to get a more personalized e-hookah experience.

What you will also find is an incredible array of flavors to choose from, which is very similar to what you would find if you were shopping for a traditional hookah. All the flavors that you know and love can be used in your E hookah to deliver an experience that is just like the “real thing.” The cost of flavor refills is incredibly low, which means you can try all kinds of different flavors without having to worry about it setting you back a small fortune.

If you do choose to buy all of your elements separately instead of in a kit form, make sure to invest in a battery charger. You will be able to keep your hookah pen fully charged by plugging it into the wall, a USB port on your computer, or even in your car. With the low prices at the Portable Hookah store means that you can try out several different elements until you land on the perfect combination that delivers an awesome hookah pen experience every time.