The hookah was originated back in the 15th century and spread to Iran where people are very fond of tobacco. It is considered to be a very royal thing and has become a style statement for youth these days. Hookah also knows as sheesha, nargeela and ghalyan is called by different names in different part of the country. With changing trends and new generations coming up a new kind of hookah is available in the market.

Electronic hookah and benefits of hookah

You can now buy electronic hookah here at Portable Hookahs which is less harmful for you and you can buy them online just sitting at home now. Cheap hookah is available online at some pretty awesome prices. You can choose hookah pipes from a wide selection. Hookah is a very nice way to socialize in any function. The tradition of passing it to the next person is considered respectful and has been opted from the Eastern culture. As much as people are fond of having hookah there are some hookah etiquettes that one must follow as well – Once you are done smoking, you must wrap the hose to indicate that you are done. Also, while using hookah with strangers prefer using your personal mouthpiece. It is more hygienic and looks neat.

While buying hookah online do a very good research on the variety of parts and flavours. You can buy hookah pipes of different length and flavours like aqua, amazon and Barracuda. You can also learn to make hookahs online and how to add the right amount of flavour in it. See the secret way to make the best Hookah within our blog.

Types of hookah

There are different categories of hookah available online, like – Sahara hookah, modern hookah, big boy hookah, khanjar and road hookah in different sizes. If you are buying hookah from a good online shop such as they are pre-tested and have longer durability to give you the best hookah experience overall. A proper hookah consists of following items –

1-      Hookah bowl or clay in which you store the flavour which evaporates to give you the desired taste.

2-      Hookah hose.

3-      Plate

4-      Tongs

5-      Hookah base.

6-      Assembly instruction.

Each part is very important to have the refreshing experience of hookah. The best thing about buying hookah online is you might get a verygood deal on the hookah and flavour which is comparatively very cheap and a good buy.  Hookah is a popular hobby which helps you in relaxing and having good time with friends.