The slow, gradual acceptance of marijuana as something other than a method of getting high is changing the way in which the business is now being conducted. The idea that all marijuana users are tie-dye t-short wearing stoners is now fading into the past, as a new breed of marijuana user is being born. There can be no denying that the passing of laws to make marijuana legal in a number of states has helped, but it can also be argued that the humble vapor pen has also helped the cause. Let’s be honest, someone using a vape pen looks a lot more acceptable than someone sucking out of a bong.

To get an idea of just how much the marijuana business has come out of back alleyways and into the limelight, you need only look at the 4th annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo that was recently held in Las Vegas. The number of vendors and products on display at the conference continues to grow with each passing year, and many vendors spoke of how they have seen their business grow by as much as 500% over the past couple of years. There are now 23 states that allow some form of medical marijuana use, and 4 that have passed laws that legalize recreational use.

The legalization of medical marijuana in California helped create the tidal wave of acceptance that is still gaining momentum today. It may be argued, though, that the bigger reason for the current change in thinking about marijuana has come from the use of social media. More and more people are taking to their favorite social media sites to show their support for the legalization of marijuana, and when you have that many people stating that they want change, the powers that be, tend to stand up and take notice.

People who make the legitimate use of marijuana their business are also using social media to get the word out. They are more aware than most of just how quickly the landscape is changing, and they know that in order to grow and thrive, they need to strike while the iron is hot. The benefit for the consumer is that with competition for business so high, the people that make vapor pen and other marijuana related products need to deliver goods that are of the highest quality. This is a more discerning audience now, with a lot more money to spend on the things that they like.

The demand for these products is going to continue to grow as an increasing number of states decide that it’s time to get on the right side of history. The vapor pen may soon become as common as the travel coffee mug, and the people using them will more and more become professional business types. The producers of these goods have to evolve to stay with that new group, but they will also need to be aware that the stoner types are still out there, even if they are becoming less visible.