It has long been known that marijuana is helpful in treating a wide variety of different ailments, which is why so many states are now keen to pass legislation that permits the use of medical marijuana. While we are certainly taking a step in the right direction, there are still some questions as to how the drug can be used to treat children with health issues. While you obviously cannot hand a vapor pen to a child and let them have at it, what you can do is find ways to administer marijuana that does not contain THC, which is the ingredient that causes you to feel high when you use weed.

What you are essentially left with when you remove the THC is something known as cannabidiol, and that has frequently been used to treat children suffering from epilepsy and other forms of seizures. The success of CBD is well documented, but actually getting it into the hands of the children who need it has been problematic. There are a number of clinics in Colorado that have waiting lists through the roof, with the majority of those in line being the parents of sick kids who cannot get the treatment that they need at home.

There are many groups that see CBD-rich plant extracts as the way forward in the treatment of children with specific ailments, and it would now appear that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approve. The government agency recently granted orphan status to GW Pharmaceuticals, the creators of a CBD extract known as Epidiolex. What that means is that the company will now be able to move forward with Stage 2 clinical trials later this year This is big news for GW Pharmaceuticals, but it is worth noting that they are not the only ones who are looking to make CBR-rich products more easily accessible.

A non-profit organization out of Colorado are doing all that they can to ensure that these products get to the people that really need them. They, as well as others, have been championing the use of CBD extract products in the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. Everyone is fighting the same battle here, but GW Pharmaceuticals may eventually have a leg up on the competition, as you can bet that doctors will be more inclined to prescribe a product that has been given approval by the FDA.

If Epidiolex does end up gaining approval from the FDA, it would probably be safe to suggest that other pharmaceutical companies will be following that same route in order to get more CBD treatment options to market. There are sure to be those who heartily oppose the use of such drugs, especially for children, but it would be hard for them to argue once the positive results start to pile up. Let’s make it clear, we are not advocating kids using vaporizers, but we are fully behind making sure that sick kids get access to the treatments that can help make them better.