Are you a fan of traditional Hookah? Then, have you ever heard of e-hookah? If not, read this article, and you will get a very good idea on its amazing qualities. E-hookah is nothing but the Electrical version of Hookah. The shops are full of e-cigs, but e-hookah is not yet as popular. Many smokers simply don't understand it. You can buy a hookah online efficiently and at a good price. These eHookahs are also called hookah pens. Hookah stores online are available for a specific purpose that allows people from anywhere in the world to order without stepping a foot outside. These eHookahs’ are becoming more popular by the day. To buy an eHookah is now at its peak of simplicity with

Is e hookah better?

  • No tobacco:

E-hookah doesn’t use any sort of tobacco in it and it is your choice whether you buy it with nicotine. Hence, it won’t cause any sort of health issues as the traditional hookah may. The pleasure of flavored water vapor is just as good if not better than regular hookah. So, trying these eHookahs would be worthwhile and beneficial rather than its original version.

  • Better then a cigarette:

We have all had the moment as smokers to be within a social environment and suddenly feel anxious due to lack of nicotine. You can put your hookah pen into your suit as if it's a normal pen. Run to an excluded area and enjoy a few puffs. When you come back, that stench of smoke will not be with you.

  • No Tar:

This type of hookah does not create any tar formation. So, the lungs will remain clean and no damage will be done. With the use of e-hookahs versus traditional hookah and cigarettes, you will be lowering the risk of lung cancer associated with those products. Tar production and storage is the main reason, which makes the traditional hookahs un-healthier. Due to these reasons, you may want to start using eHookahs and decrease the amount of cigarettes and/or hookah you now smoke.

E-hookahs can be recharged and reused. They are like a pen that you refill. eLiquid is what creates the amazing flavor and has to be refilled periodically depending on how often it is in use. The Portable Hookahs shop offers plans where you can sign up to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly orders within just one click! These electronic hookahs last for quite some time without being recharged so you can rest assure that it won't stop working on the go.

These hookah sticks are much like the rechargeable pens in terms of water vapor and flavor but they are disposable as well as extremely cheap. They are smaller and do not need to be refilled. Starting at only $9.95

  • Portable:

Yes, off-course they are, hence their nick name "portable hookah". They are very light weight and can be carried with you virtually anywhere at all time. Because they remain charged for days, you can enjoy them for a longer time period rather than a traditional hookah session. This is one of the awesome perks.

  • Light:

They are extremely light and can be carried around without notice.

  • Fashionable:

The whole world is obsessed with fashion. Everything has changed from year to year. What you use today may become old-fashioned tomorrow. We constantly change and adapt to it. The portable hookah pen comes in many styles and colors which will please anyone. In my personal experience, I am always asked flattering questions about it when enjoying it in public.

  • Disposable:

Electronic hookah sticks are disposable unlike the rechargeable hookah pens. They can be thrown out after about 600 puffs. These electronic hookahs will be a great affordable alternative to cigarettes as an incredible amount of money can be saved. They can be bought at

  • No requirement of lighting coals:

Now, e-hookah has saved your day. It works on battery, so you don’t have to waste time burning coal. A hookah fans life can now be easier and more efficient when engaging in this activity.

Where to buy a hookah:

On you can get eHookahs as well as the traditional models which may I say are absolutely beautiful even for decoration. As mentioned above e-hookahs will be safer for your health and will reduce the risks associated with tar and tobacco. There are also many Cheap Hookahs for sale at a discount rate. Use coupon code 5%off to save more. Where ever you are and where ever you live, you do not need to walk out the door to make a purchase. Simply go to and we will deliver it to your doorstep.