Electronic hookahs or e-hookahs are the talk of the day among all cigarette lovers. Now an E-hookah is not boring as you would assume. You can opt for a larger (sharpie sized) or a smaller (cigarette size). All of these can be found at www.portablehookahs.com

Portable hookahs are the real deal with the growing market in electronic hookah devices.

  1. Larger Batteries: - A small stature and short battery life means you need to carry a personal charging case with your hookah pens whenever going out. As such, a battery with a minimum of 650 mAh is recommended.

To experience a larger variety of atomizers and devices with your hookah pens you can always use a variable voltage battery.

A pass through on a battery is a big boon. It allows you to charge the battery over USB, while still vaping off the battery. For beginners, The Ego Twist (say a 1000mah and 650mah) or two of the KGO VV with USB pass through are highly recommended.

The unregulated voltage seems to work just fine but the VV allows you the option of fine tuning and maintaining your vape experience.

  1. Smaller Batteries: - Sometimes smaller batteries have an issue providing a consistent vape output. In this case more sure your kit contains ‘VaporX XRT, XPS, XLT or an EXP hookah pen’ as it is best suited to all cigarette lovers as a good portable hookah.

Another cigarette sized hookah pen option that can be taken into account while going for an e-hookah is the ‘Krave eCig’.

  1. No Batteries: - If you want to vape at multiple voltages from your USB port or USB charging source, then you should consider a standalone passthrough.
  2. Atomizers and next sections: - All new vapers should try to start with most vaper friendly option available. An option that would be hassle free for them for the most part. Vapor Storm 3.0 and Vapor King Storm is a very easy to fill and use electronic hookah or hookah pen. The most basic problem that it sports is that you need to tilt the tank to get the wicks wet regularly, but the lack of hassle and general lack of quirk make it the most user friendly way to vape. Not only that, the heads can also be replaced at a very cheap cost and you can have a brand new atomizer instantly.

Also in an atomizer there are a lot of sample trials out there. You can go on a drip trip for sampling flavors (be sure to check them out at www.portablehookahs.com).

So in short, a VV shopping list:

2x Ego Twist batteries

2x Clearomizers

4x Clearomizer Heads

1x Ego Charger

2x Ego Sleeves

30-60 ml of e-juice

For all these needs, you should visit www.portablehookah.com which hosts a range of portable hookahs and hookah pens.