The Little Genie That Turns the Traditional Nawab into an eHookah Lover

The world is getting compact, and so are the living styles of the people in the modern world. The nawabs and the kings started the unique habit of smoking hookah. The tradition of hookah that started from the great Persian emperors has now spread from Havana to Hiroshima. Earlier people had a lot of space and time for large size hookahs. As time progressed and the design of every other component became smaller, the need to have a miniature version was felt and finally converted into reality. The eHookah or the electronic hookah is no more than the size of a pen with its sleek structure and technique of lighting and smoking.

  • The compact size and light weight allows the freedom to carry it literally anywhere
  • It does not pollute the lungs and the environment. Traditional hookahs emitted too much of carbon and carbon monoxide. Nicotine and tobacco were an integral part of the Hookah. But today, there are many eHookah that contain only fruit flavor. This obviously helps in improvising the smoker’s health
  • EHookah can be used almost anywhere, whereas traditional ones required to be used only within certain restricted spaces of certain bars and restaurants only.
  • A modern day nawab sitting on a designer carpet in his residence with the traditional hookah and a roomful of friends forgot to turn off the hookah while relaxing and the next day his entire home had gone up in smoke! EHookah does not pose such accidental fire threats. It works on an automated battery system and is auto switched off when not in use.
  • Traditional hookahs are mixed with too many nicotine and related chemical compounds. This gets added as a part of the ingredient. This causes bad breath and stained teeth in the long run. The eHookah, being from any such harmful chemicals is non-corrosive and leaves no visible marks on the teeth

Apart from the safety and health features, the eHookah carries style and slender appeal for the smoker. The designs still portray the glory of the past. Many eHookah pens have an artistic touch associated with them. One can find many online stores selling these modern non-smoky and non-polluting hookahs being largely used across all the sections of the society, genders and age groups from above the legally allowed age groups. There are many eHookah clubs and promotional media that spread awareness of eHookah in the global world.