We live in a society that seems bound and determined to ignore warnings designed to protect us. Cigarettes are the perfect example, with smokers seemingly quite happy to risk their health in spite of the warning labels that come on every single pack. There are safer options out there, with e-cigarette being one of the first to revolutionize how we think about smoking. E-cigs look and feel like cigarettes, deliver nicotine, yet produce nothing but water vapor. It is the latter that make them so much healthier than the average cigarettes that are filled with chemicals and additives that cause health issues. E-cigarettes allow you to enjoy the experience of smoking without the health risks, and since they are cheaper, rechargeable, and easy to use, they are perhaps the best alternative to regular cigarettes.

E-cigs have been around for a while now, but fairly new to the vaping scene are hookah pens. They are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity among vapor fans across the world, not to mention with smokers looking to kick the habit. They follow the same formula as e-cigs, but electronic hookah pens deliver an experience that many feel is closer to the feel of smoking than anything else currently out there.

There are many different Hookah Pen styles, with eGo and eVod among the most popular. The rise in popularity of electronic vaping devices has seen a rise in the need for the user to make their own hookah pen distinctly unique. Despite the style differences, the basic set-up of each hookah pen is in essence the same. Essentially, they are made up of a chamber to hold the eLiquid, which delivers the flavor and nicotine, a heating element, and a battery that is almost always rechargeable. Users can create their own set-up using different types of cartomizers and chambers, and can even construct the wick and coil in the heating elements to control the flow of vapor. Experienced Vapor fans choose mechanical mods to have a fully customizable eCigarette or eHookah.

The liquid that is used in the chamber is usually made up of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and fruit extract, and while it has not received FDA approval, it’s more than safe to assume that it’s a whole lot healthier than what is found in cigarettes. That aside, the best use for an eHookah may well be as a smoking cessation device as opposed to being a smoking replacement. The way this can work is because you can control the nicotine levels in the eLiquid, which generally runs from 0% up to 2.4%.

The entire electronic cigarette and hookah industry is still very much in its infancy, which means that it is not regulated as it should be just yet. It is quite obvious that eLiquid Vaporizing devices are safer than traditional cigarettes, but you are still recommended to purchase your e-hookahs and liquids from trusted sources until a standard set of rules and regulations are put in place.