‘Smoking to injurious to health’ is the common statutory warning that we get to see everywhere, even though there are still smoking zones and cigarettes existing in every nook and corner. In times like this, when it is advisable for people to quit smoking, we come across what is called e-hookah, for ‘healthier smoking’! This can be purchased in a variety of colors and flavors at www.PortableHookahs.com

Hookah pens, also called hookah sticks, shisha pens, e-hookahs or e-cigarettes are the latest inventions to enjoy tobacco flavors.  These e-hookahs are portable devices and are battery powered .They produce thick clouds of tasty vapor.

Electronic hookah pen is like a cigarette but without any of the bad elements therein. You get the feeling of smoking without affecting your health in any way. They are available in many flavors and are inexpensive as well. The e-hookah water vapor which looks like smoke but without tar or the many chemicals associated with traditional smoking. There are different nicotine strengths in some and many are nicotine free.

These hookah pens are disposable, discreet and fashionable too. Most of the flavors are of fruit. Also, there are nicotine and tar flavors but without nicotine and tar content in them. Propylene glycol is a non-toxic liquid and forms the main component inside these e-hookahs along with water vapor.

Those who gave up smoking due to health issues can now get the feel of smoking with these hookah pens without harming their lungs. With the technological advancement, e-hookahs are here to stay for all those smoke-loving people but with no health problems whatsoever!