So you’re new to the e-hookah scene and need some help getting started. Well you’re at the right place as here you will get an insight into hookah pens and their components. For more information on products and their pricing, visit and get details on the latest portable hookah.

So let us start with the components of the electronic hookah: -

The E-Juice/eLiquid is the liquid that you will vape. It usually has the following  components:

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  3. Nicotine
  4. Added Flavoring

The vapor is created by PG and VG and many a times added flavors and coloring are also used. PG is the component that provides tingling feeling in your throat, and VG is supposed to be the producer of more vapor. Ideally, manufacturers will combine the two.

One important thing you should note before using an electronic hookah is that some people have bad reactions to PG or VG so you must be careful.

Electronic Hookah (Portable Hookah) components: -

The e-hookah has three main components

  1. Battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. Cartridge

The Battery: - It is the component that powers these hookah pens. They are available as either automatic or manual so you can go with either of the two. Automatic works when you suck on the vaporizer while manual works on the press of a button.

Atomizer: - This heats the flavored eLiquid which you will then smoke. There is a coil in the atomizer which heats up when the battery power is supplied to it. Once the liquid is vaporized, you inhale its vapor.

Cartridge: - This is the component that holds in the liquid which is being vaporized. The cartridge is the most modified part of a hookah pen. The cartridge holds the liquid in a poly fill type of foam. This poly fill creates some major disadvantages like if you forget to keep your filling moist then it can burn.

Now cartomizers are a modification done on the traditional cartridges and atomizers to make your e hookah experience worth it. They work in a similar fashion and the only difference is that they are now combined as one.

There are a lot more mod accessories available for hookah pens (you can check some cool stuff out at, one of them being tanks.

Other modifications include cartomizer tanks which is a combination of the two components described above. For more information as well as comprehensive variety of portable hookahs you can surely visit

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