If you live in or around a major city, we suggest that you do a search for Hookah Bars in the area and see what you come up with. You might very well be surprised to find that these types of bars are starting to gain a major foothold across the country, but the truth is you really shouldn’t be that surprised. Hookah Bars are becoming one of the last few public places where smokers can go and enjoy a puff, surrounded by people that don’t mind them doing so. What many of them discover along the way is that the flavors and taste sensations delivered by a hookah are better than the average cigarette, which leaves them wanting more.

It used to be that meant going back to the bar or investing hundreds of dollars in an ornate hookah set-up for the home. There is now an affordable way to get the same experience, and it’s a way that is beginning to sweeping the nation in terms of popularity. We are talking about the electronic hookah, a portable version of the large smoking device, although a whole lot different than the traditional way of doing things.

E-hookahs are similar in many ways to the eCigarettes that have become so fashionable recently, but those that have tried both point to the portable hookah as being the better of the two options. The main aspect that separates both for most smokers is that authentic throat hit sensation that the e-hookah is able to deliver much more than the e-cig. There is also the wide variety of flavors to choose from, which is sure to match, and perhaps even exceed, what you can get in your local hookah bar.

There is a stunning array of selections in the type of portable hookah that you can get, too. Hookah pens look exactly like cigarettes, although you can choose from different colors and styles to give your vape stick a unique look. You can choose ehookah mods, which are essentially kits that allow you to build your e-hookah exactly the way that you want it. You can switch out containers so that you can smoke eLiquids and dry herbs, all while using the same basic electronic hookah set-up. There are many different starter kits to choose from, with the eVod hookah kit being among one of the most popular due to its affordability and aesthetically pleasing design.

Do you want to know the biggest benefit of electronic hookahs, other than the cost saving and selection of flavors? That would be the ability to smoke them anywhere you wish, since they produce nothing but water vapor. The e-hookah gives you the option to get rid of those toxic cigarettes and make a switch to a device that is safer and healthier, yet still delivers that nicotine hit that you crave. Heading out to the hookah bar is a ton of fun, but it’s an experience that you can have every day if you invest in your own electronic portable e hookah pen.