The DaVinci vaporizer is an awesome personal vaporizer to use at home and on the go. This device is only compatible with dry herbs therefore you can rest assured that if this is the material you are looking to vape, this device is one of the best at its price. Often the DaVanci original is compared to vaporizers in the price range of $500. The reason for this, is the manufacturer has perfected the comfort ability of a portable vaporizer. This vaporizer uniquely resembles a walky talking instead of the commonly shaped handheld vapes on the market.

For a beginner and an enthusiast, this vape is easy to use. One of the most loved things about the DaVinci is that it has the packing tool inside of the magnetic chamber. It seems simple, however what most don't realize is that if you cannot attach the packing tool to your vape, you are surely to lose it eventually. When continuously vaping the same batch till the end, you must have the packing tool to stir the dry herb. The power on/off switch is on the side. Once you turn on the vaporizer, all you have to do is select your desired temperature. This is based on preference and the moisture content of your herbs. Below the temperature buttons, the oven power button is the last button at the bottom. This will start your heating chamber until it reaches the desired temperature you set it to.

While your device is heating up, the light will remain red. Once the device is ready to be vaped, the light will turn green. The warm up time is generally about a minute for the preferred 375 degrees farenheit which is usually the temperature that offers the optimal convection vaporization affect to dry herbs. We recommend using this temperature to avoid combustion. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Portable Hookahs.