As more and more people turn to using a vaporizer to enjoy their dry herbs or waxes, increasing numbers of people are trying to figure out how to keep their equipment running well. Just as with glassware or water pipes, vaporizers can get dirty and sticky with regular use, but these great devices are generally much easier to clean than you may think.

The basics

The first thing to know is the three major components of your set up will each require different approaches for cleaning. Most units are comprised of the battery, the mouthpiece and the cartridge or chamber, depending on whether you’re using herbs, waxes or oils. The battery typically has the least cleaning need, as the sealed system of the vaporizer keeps there from being much indirect contact with the battery. You should check the contacts regularly, though, and use a clean cotton swab or cloth to wipe away any oils

The mouthpiece, on the other hand, usually has the most built-up grime and grease. As the vaporized air pulls through the vaporizer, there can be condensation build up on the edges and interior of the mouthpiece. Plus, since this part comes in contact with your mouth, it can attract germs and grime from regular usage. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest components to clean. Pop off the mouthpiece and use a soft cloth or cotton swab to get into hard-to-reach spots of the piece. Some models are also safe to use rubbing alcohol on to remove particularly tenacious stains or residue, but check the documentation for your specific vaporizer to see if it is OK to use.

Cleaning a dry herb vaporizer

For regular use, you should always tap out ashes and remnants into a trash bin or ashtray to remove vaporized dry herbs. You should also perform a more thorough cleaning regularly, using a cleaning brush to pull out other particulates from within the vaporizing chamber that can build up with regular use. However, you should never use water or any other wet cleaning product on a dry herb chamber as these devices have electrical wiring inside that can easily be damaged when exposed to moisture. You can, however, use a damp cloth or wet cotton swab to carefully wipe down the outside to remove any dirt, grime or oils from handling.

Cleaning a wax or oil vaporizer

Vapers who opt for wax or oil are facing far more gooey residues and stuck-on elements than dry herb vapers. Both wax and oil are much stickier in their starting form, and that can end up sticking to the walls of the chamber when used. Fortunately, these units are built to handle moisture, and cleaning with a small amount of rubbing alcohol is no problem. You can rub the cleaning cloth or cotton swab along the lining of the chamber, removing caked on grime as you go. Don’t oversaturate your cleaning cloth, though, as excess moisture can still cause problems. You should also be gentle when wiping around the heating coil, as well, as it is the integral part of your vaporizer and will leave you without a way to vape, if damaged.

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