Here’s an interesting thought. You’re in Colorado and you just bought yourself a brand spanking new Atmos Transporter Vaporizer from You just came home from the pains of work to find the package that the delivery guy left lying there on your front step, and all of a sudden you become a kid on Christmas. You run in the house and tear into the casing, pulling out each piece of this glorious dry herb vaporizer out and inspecting it thoroughly. It’s as if you already know how to use it, having watched all those tutorials on YouTube at least 1,000 times. Finally, it’s there, in your hands, charged and ready to go. You’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like a lifetime, that first drag of vape that will make the wait worth every second.

Then, the most daunting thought comes over you. You have this beautiful vaporizer pen in your hands, and you just realized that you forgot to stop at the dispensary to get the “ammo” you need to fire this bad boy up. An even more sinking feeling comes over you when you realize that it is now too late for you to find any dispensary open, and you start to panic. What to do, what to do?

Now a year ago, you probably would have been screwed. But, the guys at American Green put together a much better idea for getting you out of this kind of a jam, and they did it with a vending machine. Yes, that’s right, there is now a place in Colorado where one can obtain herbs for their vaporizers at 3:00am if they so choose. Located outside of Montana’s Smokehouse Barbeque in Avon, there is a vending machine called Zazzz that acts as a functioning dispensary, stocked with all kinds of goodies that will strike a fancy. Greg Honan, owner of this beautiful machine, says that it is an efficient form of dispensing since, “There's no room for theft by patients, employees … there's no way to lose track of the inventory." Also, it solves your 2:00am bud-run problem.

Now in an ideal world, anyone and their mother would be able to walk over to Zazzz and insert money/receive product. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite gotten there yet. For now, you still have to have a valid medical marijuana card and form of identification that needs to be verified by this dream machine before its coils will turn to your will. Nonetheless, assuming you are in possession of these two things, in this world, you can walk up to a machine anytime you please and obtain the herbs you need to take your new vaporizer for a test run. Isn’t life grand?