Christmas may be over for another year, but it’s never too early to start thinking about gifts for next year. With marijuana use now becoming more and more socially acceptable, not to mention legal, there are a wide variety of affordable gifts that you can get for the weed lover in your life. We have picked out a few that are so well priced that you don’t even need to wait for Christmas to give them as a present. Some are perfect for the vape pen user, while others are maybe a little better suited to the old school smokers who still love to light up.

For the latter group, you might consider going with a pack of Shine Papers, which are rolling papers that come in gold, as well as a variety of different patterns. These are definitely better suited to the more sophisticated marijuana smoker. If you want to get festive with this gift, you can always buy the Christmas themed papers.

If you love marijuana, you need to attend the Cannabis Cup at least once, and a ticket to this great event makes an amazing gift. There are a number of different locations where the trade show takes place, so you really shouldn’t have a hard time finding somewhere relatively close to you.

The medical marijuana movement is really gaining steam, and it really shouldn’t be long before it is legal in every state across the US. If you know someone who wants the benefits of marijuana without the high, think about getting them Colorado Hemp Honey, which is an all-natural honey product that contains CBD, but not THC. Just imagine how soothing a beverage you can have by adding a spoonful of hemp honey to your morning cup of tea. Because there is no THC in this product, you can buy it online and have it shipped to any state.

If you prefer a drink with a bit more of a hit, you should take a look at Quigley’s Cannabis Shot, which makes the claim of being the fastest working consumable on the market today. Quigley’s claim that you will feel the effects of the shot, which does contain THC, within a matter of minutes. Forget the energy drinks, and get your hands on a little bottle of Quigley’s instead.

If you are someone that loves to travel with your medical weed vape, you may well be concerned about the smell of marijuana coming from your luggage. AnnaBis odor locking bags are the solution to that problem, but we should mention that these don’t really fall into the affordable category. They are certainly on the higher end of the price scale, but they are also a gift that keeps on giving.

We can’t complete this list without mentioning at least one vape pen that will make a great got for any occasion. While vape pens are often a pretty personal choice, the PuffCo Pro is one that seems to be very popular among a pretty big audience. High Times voted this as the best vape pen in 2015, and with a starting price of less than $80, it’s not a pricy investment.