One thing that can make pursuing your smoking hobby difficult is living in a place that has official management or a board. Many people receive complaints about the smoke or the smell that smoking cannabis, cbd, and tobacco can produce. While it may initially seem like you might have to give up your hobby, there is a far easier solution that can actually be beneficial to you in other ways as well. This solution is vaping. Cannabis, cbd, and tobacco can all be used with vaporizers, and these devices help make the process safer and even cleaner for users. Let’s take a look at how switching to vaporizing can help get your building management off of your back.

Less Odor

Anyone who has smoked cannabis, cbd, or tobacco has likely noticed that it can be difficult to manage trying to keep your place of residence smell-free. In fact, some people simply cannot find a way to keep their building clean when they smoke. Cannabis in particular has a very distinct smell that almost everyone will be able to instantly recognize once they smell it. Even if you use every trick in the book, it can be hard to smoke without producing odor, which will likely draw the attention of your building management. Vaping has been shown to produce a much weaker odor when compared to that produced by smoking. While it still produces a faint odor, it is far less noticeable and is less likely to get you in trouble with any type of building management you may have.

There are also many different things you can do to make the already faint odor from vaporizers even less noticeable. To start with, you can make sure that the vaporizer you use utilizes convection heating. While conduction heats your herb through direct contact with the heat source, convection heats your herb through hot air that has been warmed by the heat source. This lack of direct contact means that a convection vaporizer will produce a much lighter odor than any vaporizer that uses conduction heating. While some vaporizers are able to do both, oftentimes convection vaporizers are those designed to sit in one place in your home, while conduction vaporizers are mostly those designed to be portable. If you are seeking out a vaporizer due to building management complaints, you will likely be looking for a desktop vape, so you happen to be in luck!

Another way to reduce odor is by being selective with what product you use with your vaporizer. For example, any vaporizer that uses wax or oil is likely to produce a lighter smell than any dry herb vaporizer. However, a dry herb vaporizer will still produce a smell that is less noticeable than smoking. This also goes to show how many options one has when looking for vaporizers. When smoking, you get to pick the herb you use, but it can sometimes feel like a limiting process. With vaporizing, you are able to have more control over the entire experience, as you get to choose from the device you use, temperature, and your herb. Vaping allows you to have complete control over your hobby while also keeping it more discreet, so definitely consider switching over.

Vapor vs Smoke

While odor is often one of the largest complaints smokers receive, the smoke itself can also be a big source of frustration with building managers. Smoke can be one of the most difficult things to counter when having a session, as getting rid of it entirely may be impossible. However just as with odor, a simple solution to this problem is to switch over to vaporizers.

The vapor produced by vaporizers can actually dissipate “within seconds.” Smoke, on the other hand, can stick around in the air for around 30 minutes after it has been exhaled. This is a huge difference that can definitely make the hobby less conspicuous, while also making it less of a bother for those around you. It may seem as though all of your smoke is being contained in your home, but it can easily escape out through some windows or doors and invade the space of those that live around you. It may not seem like a very big deal, but it can be an easy way to draw complaints towards your building management. Since vapor clears away very quickly, you won’t have any reason to worry about this problem. This also means that you won’t have to go through the process of trying to find multiple different ways to discreetly get rid of the smoke you are producing.

Health Benefits

While the previously discussed benefits of vaporizers can help solve your building management problems, it is definitely worth noting that vaporizers have been shown to be healthier to use as well. Due to the fact that vaporizing does not actually burn any of the herb you are using, it is far easier on your lungs. Inhaling this vapor instead of smoke will ensure that you stay healthy, while also keeping you out of conflict with the management of your building.


If you find yourself constantly getting into trouble with your building management over smoking, you should definitely consider switching over to a vaporizer. Vaporizers significantly reduce the smell of any odor you produce. You no longer have to try crazy new tricks and methods to rid your room of the smoke smell, as the odor from your vaporizer will be less pungent and far easier to contain. Vapor produced by vaporizers also evaporates into the air much quicker than smoke will dissipate into the air, ensuring that any session you have won’t bother others around you. In addition to both of these advantages, vaping is better for your health as well. Switch over from smoking to vaporizing soon, and you’ll find that your building management won’t have any more problems.