When it comes to consuming herbal medication, the options can vary from a joint to a bowl, from a thousand-dollar glass water pipe to a hollowed out apple or 2-liter bottle. However, the method that doctors stand behind for ingestion is vaporizing. Vaporizing your herbs is held so highly among the medical community that in Israel, where medical herbs are legal, vaporizers are kept in hospitals and nursing homes for their patients to utilize. Here, Portable Hookahs will examine some of the benefits to vaporizing your herbal medication. Due to legal reasons, many have not yet discovered the Health Benefits of Marijuana, however as time goes on, more people are awoken to the truth.


Vaporizer pens can help you regulate how much THC you are ingesting. The other healthy method of ingesting herbal medication would be eating it, but with edibles, there is one issue: Even if it was made in a commercial setting, you cannot be absolutely certain of the potency that you’re ready to ingest. Everyone laughs at the recording of the off-duty police officer who made brownies but didn’t know what they were in for a few years back, which perfectly illustrates how variable the potency of any given plant can be. With vaporizer pens, you control how much or little you want to ingest, and can turn it off at any time.


One of the big drawbacks of smoking for medicinal use is that for the immediate future after a session, you’ll end up smelling like Otto’s jacket from “The Simpsons” unless you give yourself a body spray/cologne bath, which is just as unappealing. Vaporizing your herbal treatments doesn't give off as much odor because you’re not actually burning the plant material. By keeping the temperatures under combustion level, there is no smoke to stick to your clothes and hair and follow you around.


While little compares to the pull from a bowl or tube, a fresh-packed vaporizer pen is one of the things that does. After the first two or three drags, a bowl will start to lose its “green” taste and become a lot more unpleasant. With a vaporizer or portable weed pen, each pull brings out the flavonoids released prior to combustion, giving you an amazing taste and experience.


Some people believe that smoking is a safe option to release its medicinal benefits. This is not true, as your lungs are simply not meant to inhale smoke of any kind. In fact, an unfiltered joint will deposit more tar than the same amount of tobacco. With vaporizing, your herbs and concentrates never combust, so there is no smoke to inhale at all. The vapor you’re inhaling is much easier on your lungs, and does not include any tar or other byproducts you get from burning plant materials. Lastly, the vapor that you’re breathing is at a much colder temperature than smoke (not to mention that it doesn't include the butane from the lighter that you’re using among the other toxins that occur when you set fire to plant material).

Overall, vaping dry herbs and concentrates is a much more enjoyable experience not only for you, but for your health. Here at Portable Hookahs, we offer a wide selection of portable vaporizer pens. If you have any questions on which portable vape pen is right for you, contact us today!