If you love to smoke dry herbs while out and about, a vaporizer pen is the most effective way to do so discreetly. There are plenty of vape pen options to choose from, with the Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer one of the best options available to you right now. One of the major benefits of this particular vape pen is its relatively small size, which makes it very easy to carry around in a purse or pocket. It’s an incredibly easy to use device right out of the box, making it perfect for those new to vaping.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started, and while all the individual pieces may look a little intimidating at first, putting the vape pen together is a snap. The Atmos Raw Vaporizer can be assembled and ready to use in a matter of seconds, although you may need to charge it up before you are able to vape your first batch of dry herb. Charging is easy also, as there is a USB charger included with the kit. If at any point you get stuck, which you shouldn’t, there is a fantastic instruction manual that comes with the device that will explain everything.

Besides the aforementioned charger, the Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer kit comes with a cleaning brush that will keep your device clean and ready to use. There is also a packing tool that will help you load your materials into the chamber when you are ready to vape. Perhaps best of all, the “smoke” that the device gives off is usually odorless, which means the highest level of discretion possible when smoking dry herbs.

One of the reasons the Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer pen has become the go to vape pen for so many is because of its lightweight, yet durable, design, and the way it feels in your hands. It is also incredibly easy to use, delivering a very satisfying shot of vapor with each and every inhale. This little jolt of vapor is delivered via the heating chamber, which heats the herb without ever actually coming into contact with it. The vapor then passes through a ceramic filter and the mouthpiece before passing your lips with a deliciously satisfying hit of flavor.

Atmos has three top sellers. The Atmos Jewel Wax Vaporizer is a beauty that no vaporizer pen on the market can match. A less expensive wax vaporizer by Atmos is the Atmos Junior. This is one of the smallest and most discreet vapor pens on the market today. The best seller of course will always be the original Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer Pen. This vaporizer kit comes with a free glass screen to separate your dry herb with the coil.

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of different options on the market when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. The ever growing popularity of the devices means that there seems to be a new one on the market every day. You could literally spend a small fortune trying different kinds to wade through the inferior pens before landing on a good one that you like. Alternatively, you could simply buy the Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer and get a great experience at your first time of trying. The price of the unit at Portable Hookahs is incredibly hard to beat, which is why we recommend that you buy from there and save some money in the process.