We at Portable Hookahs can confidently say that the Atmos Boss Vaporizer is the only perfectly sized vaporizer pen on the market that uses the convection heating method. Make no mistake, majority of vaporizer pens on the market are conduction vapes with an exposed heating coil. Since the Atmos Boss vape is for dry herbs only, a convection heating method is the only recommended method to vaporizer with. Conduction vaporizers work well only with wax/concentrates and herbal oils.

This device has an incredibly beautiful laser etched design with a stainless steel heating chamber. Due to the convectional heating method, this device will vaporize your dry herb without any combustion taking place. The only downside to this vaporizer, is the amount of dry herb you are able to fit into the chamber. In comparison to other vaporizer pens used for on the go purposes, this one still takes the prize.

How to use:

         I.            Give your device an initial charge for a few hours.

       II.            Grind up your dry herb finely through a grinder.

     III.            Place your dry herb inside the heating chamber, without over packing it, allowing hot air to transfer through.

     IV.            Click the power button three times rapidly. You should see a red light turn on at the bottom.

       V.            After about 40 seconds, the red light will turn blue which indicates that it is ready to be vaped.

     VI.            Take slow long draws as this is a true vaporizer that releases pure vapor.

   VII.            Do not be alarmed that you are not able to see large clouds since vapor is released instead of smoke.

 VIII.            Once the device is vaped for about 75 seconds, it will automatically shut down.

     IX.            Open the heating chamber to stir your herbal medication and you may start the heating process again.

       X.            If the herb is brown all around, it will no longer produce thick vapor and may need to be disposed of.

     XI.            You should be able to average about 25 sessions before the battery has to be recharged.