When it comes to the world of portable vaporizers and vaporizer pens, there are many different options available. One of the most recent trends has been the rise in vapers who use oil or wax in their devices instead of dry herbs. Let’s take a closer look at what these products are and what’s behind the growth in their popularity.


The oil that is often used in vaporizer pens is created through an extensive distillation process that removes the oil from your favorite herb and extracts it into a liquid form that can be used not only in your favorite vaporizer, but also in cooked products or skin oils. This oil – the shortened phrase for hash oil, generally speaking – is legally extracted in states that permit its use, like Washington and Colorado, by using a solvent. Commonly this is carbon dioxide or ethanol, though some DIYers make it themselves using the more risky butane.

The distilled oil offers a few advantages, including a higher concentrated level of the active ingredients, like THC, and an increased portability for many users. The oil is also far less conspicuous for many, making it an increasingly choice for the discrete vaper on the go. Fusion offers a great deal of information on oil and the distillation process in an article from earlier this year.


Following a similar distillation process as the hash oil, wax is a stickier and more tangible product that comes from cannabis. Like oil, it offers users a more concentrated dose to vapers. To get wax, oil is generally treated further, removing more of the moisture through heating or additional stirring – a process similar to making butter, which has also led to the term “budder” being used for some textures of wax, according to Leafly. This also offers increased ability for vapers to travel with the substance, in addition to the increased concentration of active ingredients.

Why so popular?

As medicinal approval for marijuana has spread, so too has the means of doing so. With smoking, the most commonly thought of way of ingesting cannabis, there are still some potential irritants and byproducts that can cause a user discomfort. With vaporized products, however, the user isn’t exposed to these, and instead receives a more pure and “clean” dose. In addition, the increased efficacy – due to the higher concentrations – of waxes and oils provides a greater relief for symptoms, allowing those who choose to use these products better control of their conditions and their dosage.

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