The popularity of using vaporizers continues to grow as more states move toward legalization of marijuana for medicinal use. In fact, just recently here in New York state, the Department of Health approved five groups as registered growers and distributors of medicinal marijuana products. The state law prohibits smoking as an acceptable dosing method, meaning that users here will be required to use edible options or vape to be in compliance with the law.

Many users continue to choose to vape nationwide as their preferred method, though, even if the law doesn’t require it, and vaporizer pens continue to be one of the leading options for many users. Here are four great advantages of making a vape pen your choice for vaporizing.


Many vaporizer pens offer users more options in a single unit than is the case with some other devices. Oftentimes a single vaporizer pen can use multiple different materials, whether wax, dry herbs or oils. If the device cannot natively, often a simple attachment can be purchased and added to expand the vape pen’s capabilities, making it usable no matter which substance you prefer to vape.


Vape pens are also incredibly portable and discreet, making them a great option for users on the go. A vaporizer pen easily hides in the bottom of a purse or inside a pocket, providing an easy option to have access to your dosages wherever you are. While other portable vaporizers are also simple to travel with as well, vape pens’ generally smaller form factor – often more akin to cigarette or a pen, as the name implies – make them much easier to bring with you. 

Smaller Dosing

For new users especially, the vaporizer pen offers all the benefits of vaporizing but in a limited space. With such a smaller capacity than some of the larger or more advanced portable vaporizers, these devices make a great starting point both for getting used to the effects of using a vaporizer and working on finding the correct dosing for your individual needs.

Lower Cost

Lastly, as one of the cheapest ways to break into vaping, vaporizer pens are appealing to new users or patients on a budget. Generally priced at $100 or less – with several models available for less than $75 – these devices are priced at a very affordable entry point for new users looking to try vaporizing for the first time.

Vape pens are also incredibly easy to use and can provide a great starting point for new vapers or those looking to transition from using ecigarettes or smoking with a great introduction to vaping. At Portable Hookahs, we recently added a dedicated section to the website to help customers find the right vaporizer pen for them. Check out our new Vaporizer Pens section today, or contact us directly for help finding the ideal new vape pen for you!