Sleek, discreet and efficient, vaporizers are quietly gaining popularity among medical cannabis consumers, and for good reason. Vaping, whether via a stationary unit or one of the many vape pens on the market, is indisputably a cleaner, healthier way to deliver the valuable elements derived from the hemp plant.

VapingVaping’s precise provenance is lost in the fog of time, of course, but historians have widely credited the first recorded reference to the practice to Herodotus, a fifth-century Greek historian and contemporary of Socrates:

”The Scythians then take the seeds of this hemp and, creeping under the mats, they throw them on the red hot stones; and, being so thrown, they smolder and send forth so much steam that no Greek vapor bath could surpass it. The Scythians howl in their joy at their vapor-bath.” (A.C Kimmens’ “Tales of Hashish” 1977, from Herodotus’ “Histories,” Vol. 4)

In the ensuing centuries, cannabis consumers have employed combustion in various forms – in pipes, rolled cigarettes and, in recent decades, glass smoking apparatuses.

Herodotus StatueThen, in 1989, High Times received and reported on a manuscript from a mystery man who called himself “Dr. Lunglife,” who detailed how to construct a vaporization device using parts available at Radio Shack. (“Vaporizing THC Oil: An Alternative to Smoking Marijuana,” High Times, May 1989). Oil derived from cannabis flowers was applied to the filament of a small light bulb, which was heated briefly and the vapors ingested. Dr. Lunglife further refined his process, and later that year, he published improvements to his design that included a dome and eliminated the need to process the plant into oil before consumption.

Today’s consumers have the late vaporization pioneer Eagle Bill Amato to thank. The Cherokee medicine man is widely credited as the Father of Vaporization after developing the “Shake and Vape,” the first commercial vaporizer. Dried herbs are placed in the pipe’s bowl with a screen, but instead of lighting the material, the heat is applied to the underside of the glass bowl, heating the dry herb inside to a temperature that releases the THC but does not combust the material. A smooth draw on the extending mouthpiece delivers delicious taste, aroma and medicinal benefits.

Today, high-tech vaporizers do all the work for you, delivering clean, aromatic vapor safely and efficiently at a price point for everyone.  Check out some of the latest technology in vaporizer pens and dry herb vaporizers for yourself with the products available now from Portable Hookahs.