Getting started in vaping – whether tobacco flavors, other nicotine flavor blends, or dry herbs, waxes or oils – is growing more popular by the day. Once vapers get hooked, many look for ways to improve their experience. There are a large number of mods on the market that offer improved battery life or other features, as well as options that offer a more compact solution to improve portability. Let’s look at a few of the five top battery mods available.

At Portable Hookahs, we stock the Pisces Telescopic Mechanical Mod. The stylish design of this mod offers the ability to use different size batteries (sold separately) within the same elegantly designed case. The device actually extends to accommodate larger or smaller battery sizes, and offers standard 510 threading to work with most vaping devices. In addition, the locking ring can be engaged as a safety feature, preventing it from firing when not in use.

We also stock the Kamry K100 Telescopic Mod. Like the Pisces, the Kamry can accept multiple different battery sizes. The kit includes two 510 cartomizers and boasts a unique design that uses cotton instead of wicks as well as a low-resistance coil. It also includes two batteries – 18350 and 18650 – allowing you to change up your vapor output and battery life, and is fully compatible with all 510 atomizers and cartomizers.

Portable Hookahs also carries the Chi-You Clone Mechanical Mod. Unlike the Pisces and Kamry, the Chi-You is a segmented mod that can accommodate a range of battery sizes. The device also features a spring-loaded switch with a locking ring to prevent accidental activation, and offers a standard 510 connection. While the device isn’t telescoping itself, the adjustment pin in the activation button is, allowing a proper fit regardless of the battery size being used. With a chic design, the Chi-You is an attractive mod option for many vapers.

For a great looking mod, check out the Innokin iTaste 134. While only capable of handling a single battery size, this large mod offers exceptional control for your vaping. The dial in the center can adjust the wattage from 6.5 watts up to 12.5 watts, and the switch on the iTaste lights up in three colors like a stoplight to give you an at-a-glance indication of battery level remaining. The iTaste also features short-circuit protection and reverse battery polarity detection, and works with low-resistance atomizers down to 0.8 ohms. While the battery is sold separately, the iTaste does include a hard case as well as a dual coil tank to get you started.

Lastly, the G-Taste GT-S Mech Mod is a premium tool for the vaporizer’s kit. This device is the luxury car of vaping, offering a wide range of features. The GT-S boasts an OLCD screen and both variable wattage and voltage settings to refine your vaping settings precisely. The chrome-covered case is incredibly stylish and shaking the unit back and forth will change the settings using the built-in gravity sensor. The GT-S connects with most atomizers and cartomizers using its universal 510 fitting, and even doubles as a portable power bank when needed, allowing you to use the GT-S to recharge your phone on the fly.

Whether for improving your weed vaporizer or getting more from your ecigarette, these mods are great options to expand your vaping horizons and improve your vapor output, taste and battery life. Check out our full range of portable vaporizer and ehookah mods and ecigarette mods today, or contact us for more information on any product!