This Easter weekend was particularly special for a specific group of people, as April 20th, the day that pot smokers have adopted as their own, fell on Easter Sunday. The once underground celebration has now gone mainstream, thanks to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. To celebrate that big legal victory, and the iconic date, pot smokers took to a major Denver park to light up at 4:20 in the afternoon.

Despite the legality of the marijuana in the state, it’s still illegal to light up in public. Undeterred, tens of thousands of smokers lit up in celebration of the event, including a large number using vaporizer sticks, which are becoming increasingly popular in the pot community. It was a relatively civil gather, with police reporting only a minor number of arrests over the course of the weekend.

Events took place all over the state, but the biggest of them all took place at Civic Center Park in Denver, where live music played and people came from all over the world to be a part of the celebration. The park has long been the place where activists went to get the word out about marijuana and how it should be legalized. What was once a rally of sorts has now turned into something completely different now that pot is legal, and it’s not everyone that is happy with the change.

While many of the people that gathered in Denver expressed delight at being able to finally light up with their favorite bud, many more were less than happy with the changes at this year’s gathering. High on the list of complaints was the apparent need to try and make money off of the event. It was impossible to walk any distance without running into vendors selling everything from 420 t-shirts to overpriced bottles of water and turkey legs. The commercialization of what was once an event for activists left many feeling a little cold, at least until they lit up and sent up their share of smoke into the massive cloud that hung over the park in the afternoon.

Denver wasn’t the only city to host an event similar to the one seen in Denver, with San Francisco and Washington also hosting major events. While authorities were mostly happy to let the revelers party in peace, there were strict security measures in place to prevent a repeat of the shooting incident that took place at the event last year.

No matter what people thought of the celebrations that took place this year, there is no denying that they are likely to become a permanent part of the annual events calendar. The push is on to legalize marijuana in a number of other states across the nation, with many people believing it’s only a matter of time before pot is legal everywhere in the US.

For now, many activists are forced to enjoy pot while remaining incognito. A huge market for the vaporizer pen has been born. The dry herb vaporizer pen resembles an eCigarette but do not be fooled, it is an extraordinary device invented to conceal cannabis within the public eye. Another popular device is the wax vaporizer pen for herb concentrates. Being that it is illegal to enjoy cannabis in public, many feel the need to now carry around their vaporizer pen. We urge you to be careful and to not illegally use cannabis in public where it is against the law.