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Atomic9 Vaporizer


Atomic9 Vaporizer

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The Atomic9 vaporizer by Cloudious9 is headlined by its innovative “dual layer” heating technology, but the device has many other features that make it a top product today. With a consumer-friendly price point and an efficient design, the Atomic9 is a vaporizer that will impress users of all sorts.

Design and Functionality

At just under four inches tall and about 1.5 inches wide, the Atomic9 is a small device that maintains the “tube-like” shape that most portable vaporizers have adopted today. The body of the device has been constructed from aluminum alloy, with some aspects of the device built from heat resistant plastic. The mouthpiece on the Atomic9 is attached to the device magnetically, and can be flipped on and off to access the heating chamber. This mouthpiece also has a rapid vapor cooling chamber, which can actually be taken out of the mouthpiece to clean. This cooling chamber helps to minimize the airpath length when inhaling, while also cooling the vapor to a safe and enjoyable temperature. If you plan on having several sessions or a few long sessions, a high quality cooling chamber is almost a must. It will help to keep your throat and lungs safe. If you happen to be sensitive in those areas, the Atomic9 may be a good vaporizer to look into.

One of the most interesting features of the device is its patent pending “loading shovel.” This piece of the device is a retractable shovel that is designed to make the herb loading process much easier and cleaner. Instead of having to load your herbs slowly with your fingers, you can now do so quickly with the loading shovel.

According to Cloudious9, those with the device should be able to have anywhere from 9 to 12 sessions from the fully-charged Atomic9, which utilizes a 900mah lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged through the use of the Micro-USB charging cable that is included with the device. This battery is non-removable, so users will not be able to replace it.

Using the Atomic9

Using the Atomic9 is simple and easy to do. As discussed earlier, the mouthpiece of the device is magnetic and stays attached to the body of the vaporizer, so users will need to flip it back in order to load up their herb. Loading is very easy, thanks to the previously-mentioned loading shovel. The Atomic9 only has one button on the entire body of the vaporizer, and users can power it on by clicking this button three times. After you’ve powered it on, hold the button down to switch between the temperature settings. You won’t have to wait very long after selecting your preferred temperature, as the Atomic9 heats up in 30-45 seconds. Once your device has reached the selected temperature, you’ll be ready to have a session. The vaporizer comes with an included user manual, so it should be able to clear up any confusion users may have when operating the device.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Some of these smaller portable vaporizers are very hard to clean properly, but the Atomic9 does not have this problem. The device has its own residue cleaning chamber, and the vapor cooling chamber is able to detach from the device, making maintenance easy. While other vaporizers require you to dig deep inside of them to get rid of built up residue, the Atomic9 has many detachable parts that make the process a breeze.

Top-Notch Heating System

The biggest selling point of the Atomic9 is its heating system, which is currently patent pending. Cloudious9 calls the system “dual layer” heating technology, as it combines aspects of conduction and convection heating into one system. Convection heating is when the heat source heats air, which then heats your herbs. Conduction heating is when the heat source heats your herbs directly by making contact with them. Dual layer heating lets users experience the high vapor quality usually found in convection technology, while also having the efficient and quick heating that conduction systems allow for. While most vaporizers require you to choose between these two options, the Atomic9 gives users both for an excellent price. Combining these two methods also lets the Atomic9 utilize some convection heating methods without requiring the large battery that convection technology normally needs.

This heating system allows for users to choose from six temperatures that range from 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a fairly large range that most users should be happy with, as it gives them plenty of room to experiment with hotter and cooler temperatures.


Most small vaporizers are designed to be extremely portable, and the Atomic9 is no exception. The device can easily fit into a pocket, and it only weighs 2.6 ounces. Users are unlikely to even notice the device when they take it around with them due to this small size. The aluminum body also ensures that the vaporizer won’t break if it is thrown around while being carried in a bag.

The sleek matte-black color of the Atomic9 helps make it very discreet if users decide to have sessions in public. Being a bit bulkier than they typical vape pen also helps to make it less suspicious. The fast heat-up time of the device lets users use the device quickly, without having to hold it around waiting for it to heat up.


There are many vaporizers on the market that try to sell themselves with their consumer-friendly price points, but many of them end up sacrificing quality to reach their prices. The Atomic9 manages to be extremely affordable while also having several new and interesting ideas. The dual layer heating technology and loading shovel are two very unique features that have practical applications. They definitely enhance the overall experience of using the Atomic9. Available for just $59.99 (before our coupons), many vaporizers of this quality would go for almost double that price point. If you are thinking about getting a new portable vaporizer, definitely look into the Atomic9 from Cloudious9.

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