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Atmos Orbit Portable Vaporizer Pen


Atmos Orbit Portable Vaporizer Pen

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Kit Includes: 1- Orbit Vaporizer 1- Chamber Connector 1- Rubber Mouthpiece 1- Packing Tool 1- Cleaning Brush 1- Charger 1- User Manual
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Atmos Orbit Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen


If you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer, you will find that settling on one can be a tough decision. There are many good devices that are sure to fall into your specific budget, which means looking at the features that each one offers. If you are looking for something in the $100 to $150 range, we strongly suggest taking a look at the Atmos Orbit vaporizer. This quality device comes with a ton of great features, and the starter kit comes with everything you need – and a little more besides – to make your foray into the world of vaping a very pleasant one.

The Atmos Orbit is a big vaporizer, but it is by no means clunky. It’s a sleek-looking design that will still fit quite easily into a pocket or purse. The unit is powered by a 7.4-volt battery that can be recharged using the charger that is provided in the starter kit. One of the big selling points of this device is the rubber mouthpiece. Many vapers complain about how the metal mouthpieces feel on their teeth, and there is no denying that the addition of rubber makes things a little gentler on the dental work.

One big problem that the Orbit solves can be found in the heating chamber. When you take the top piece off to load the chamber, a click of the power button will fill the chamber with an LED light. This allows you to see just how much space is in there, while also making cleaning the chamber that much easier. It is easy to miss little bits of spent dry herb when cleaning, which can affect the flavor of your next vape. The Atmos Orbit is able to add the light because they have gone with a ceramic chamber.

Charging the device is made easy thanks to the charging port conveniently located on the side. This allows you to stand the Orbit on end while it charges. To fire up the device, you need to click down on the power button five times. The button turns red to let you know that power is available, and then green when it is ready to be vaped. At this point, hold down the power button to heat up the chamber and the dry herb within.

The biggest selling point, though, may well be that ceramic chamber mentioned earlier. It works in a similar fashion to a convection oven, which means that the heat is spread evenly across your dry herb. This process makes for a great vape, delivering a tremendous flavor with each puff. Besides the components already mentioned, the Atmos Orbit starter kit also comes with a packing tool and a cleaning brush, both of which are indispensable when vaping dry herb. All in all, this s a great unit that is well worth every penny that you spend on it.

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