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Atmos DHK Advanced Kit

Atmos DHK

Atmos DHK Advanced Kit

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Kit Includes: (1) 650mAh Battery (1) Ceramic Chamber (1) Spring & Mesh Filter (1) Glass Screen (1) Chamber Connecter (1) Ceramic Filter (1) Rubber Mouthpiece (1) Packing & Cleaning Tool (1) Charging Setup

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The Atmos DHK Vaporizer is a pen designed vape that uses open coil technology and is compatible with both dry herb and wax/concentrates. It comes with a glass screen to protect the coil. This device is similar to the original AtmosRX Vaporizer which was modified with glass screens to reduce the chance of combustion when used with dry herbal material. With the DHK, you do not need to worry about purchasing packs of glass screens separately as one comes with this kit stock. If you are looking for an affordable vape pen that is compatible with both dry herbs, wax and other solid concentrates, you've come to the right place. Solid concentrates require a higher temperature to vaporize therefore you will find this device to work perfectly with it. With dry material, you may find it to partially combust and release smoke mixed with vapor. This is due to the high temperature that is required for solid concentrates. Even though this is considered as a hybrid vaporizer, it is targeted mainly for concentrates. If you are looking for a vaporizer pen specifically for dry herbal blends only and would like it to fully vaporize being the exact same price as the DHK kit, please see the Atmos Jump Vaporizer, one of the most popular options at Portable Hookahs.

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